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4 Ways To Become A Financially Literate Mogul In 2021

Every two to four business days, I come across very questionable advice on how to be “financially literate” on the interwebs. I almost want to ask the person giving the “advice” if they believe what they are saying or if it is just vibes.  See, not everyone is giving you advice is they have fact-checked, […]

8 Innovative Ways to Fund Your Startup

Dear Motherland Mogul, anyone who said starting a business is fun and easy told a fat lie and worst still, have never started a business. One of the biggest hurdles an entrepreneur in Africa (or anywhere in the world) has to cross is the hurdle of financing their business. It’s the reason why many fabulous […]

How to Invest Collaboratively with Friends: Tomie Balogun

[bctt tweet=”When you invest with others, you take advantage of the power of many – @tomie_balogun” username=”SheLeadsAfrica”] As a certified financial educator and Instructor, Tomie Balogun has a lot of experience in investing with friends. While pursuing her MBA, she and a few classmates started an investment club. Their passion to achieve financial freedom and make […]

Impact investing is on the rise, what do you know about it?

[bctt tweet=”Impact investing fills a vital funding gap at a time when so many people are struggling” username=”SheLeadsAfrica”] First things first, what is impact investing? Impact investing refers to investments in entities and funds with the purpose of generating a determinate, positive social or environmental impact, along with a financial return. Another term for impact […]