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Juggling post-grad studies, family, a briefcase and the world

[bctt tweet=”You need a tribe of humans who will be there when you need some downtime and rebooting” username=”SheLeadsAfrica”] What exactly does this mean for us when juggling work, studies, and the world? It is a universal assumption and truth that women are the backbone of every family. We are inherently prepared for a purpose. […]

Working to learn versus working to earn: The Millennial dilemma

[bctt tweet=”Does it mean more for you to work to learn right now or work to earn?” username=”SheLeadsAfrica”] Admittedly most of us enter the job market with high hopes and plans to make waves working 9-5 and ultimately, leaving a footprint. In the excitement of the dawning of a new day; we sometimes forget that there are tough decisions that we need to ponder. This realization usually means an inevitable transition that takes us on a joy ride. Happy New Year! First of all, congratulations! You get to do all of the things which you set out to achieve as soon as you graduated and you are fired up with zeal to the brim. As a result you’ve been granted the opportunity-of-a-lifetime. The universe and your grancestors have been on your side; all that’s left to do is, SLAy! Yet, there’s a disclaimer, this job you’ve been offered does not pay enough for you to rent, pay off tertiary debt and have a social life. But, you’re probably fresh from university and in need of expertise. You’re thinking surely it won’t be long until you climb the corporate ladder, right? [bctt tweet=”Being a Motherland Mogul, you […]