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4 Reasons why an effective On-boarding process will help you keep your employees

On-boarding is a process of integrating a new employee into the organization. We all mistake Induction for On-boarding, while the former ends in one day. Onboarding usually lasts for about six months till a year depending on the company. [bctt tweet=”Empowering an employee through an effective onboarding process to think and act like the CEO […]

How to deal with that job you don’t like

So you managed to get through school. You aced that interview! The excitement of finally being part of the workforce and getting that paycheck is giving you a rush. But as you slide into your work routine you start to realize something awful,  you hate your job. As the initial excitement of winning the job search fades […]

What is your next employer looking for?

Employers have a certain type of candidate they need to join their organization. Opportunities will open up, and you will be among those seeking (and eventually chosen) for that role. This article shares what the employer is looking for as well extra tips on what you also need to avoid or stop doing if you […]

When to leave a job

[bctt tweet=”Leaving a position at the right time can be crucial towards career advancement” username=”SheLeadsAfrica”] Millennials get a bad rap for hopping from one job to the next. But, is it really that awful to leave a position when the fit isn’t right? Leaving a position at the right time can be crucial towards career […]

Vinolia Singh: What you should do before you drop the mic and resign

vinolia singh she leads africa hr executive resign advice

[bctt tweet=”Both negative and positive feedback play an important role in anyone’s career ” username=”SheLeadsAfrica”] A few weeks ago I was chatting with a friend who had recently left her job. When she left, her boss told her that he wished she had clearly expressed the extent of her unhappiness before she resigned. That sounded […]

3 things to do when your academic background and your career are worlds apart


There is an indescribable joy that is experienced by a Nigerian who has just graduated from an institution of higher education – what a delightful feeling! No more paying of exorbitant school fees. No more buying of handouts from lecturers under duress. No more dodging from sleazy lecturers. No more coping with below-par study situations. […]