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Mavis Zaina: Slaying From accounting to agriculture

Mavis Zaina is a chartered accountant with over 8 years’ experience in strategic management, accounting and finance. But beyond her accountancy, Mavis is passionate about the agricultural value chain and its potentially high impact reach for poverty alleviation and development. Driven by this passion, Mavis founded Kanjadza Acres. Kanjadza Acres is an agricultural enterprise that […]

Sharon Kadangwe: No competition without innovation

Sharon Kadangwe

[bctt tweet=”You won’t find anyone else who will be as honest with you as you are with yourself” username=”SheLeadsAfrica”] Model….. what comes to mind is the svelte size zero figures, catwalks, high fashion and of course the G_L_A_M_O_U_R! And usually when we talk about Runway Fests, its all about the gorgeous models working the runway […]

Pempho Chinkondenji: Do not let what you do not have stop you from pursing your dreams

Pempho Chinkondenji

[bctt tweet=”Pempho Chinkondenji co-founded Loving Arms Malawi to create a safe space for girls/women” via=”no”] Co-founder of the Christian nonprofit Loving Arms Malawi, Pempho Chinkondenji is a bright and inspiring #MotherlandMogul committed to public service and to championing women’s rights. She is currently pursuing a Master of Arts in Cross-cultural and International education at Bowling […]

Fatsani Banda: Self-ship is the enemy of leadership

Fatsani Banda

[bctt tweet=”Fatsani Banda’s passion comes from the desire to leave the world better than she found it” username=”SheLeadsAfrica”] Fatsani Banda is a young woman carving a path for herself in the world of global health. Born and raised in Malawi, Fatsani studied journalism and worked in a number of organisations before gaining a fellowship at […]

Kuwala: The African continent isn’t simply inspiration for Western designers


It’s never easy connecting with emerging businesses half way across the world but Malawians Freeda and Veronica, founders of Kuwala, make it look simple as cake. Both women want to share their connection with Africa through heritage and fashion. Their brand, Kuwala focuses on vibrant African prints like the chitenge and their goal is to encourage […]