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Amal Oumimoune: Stand out from the crowd by doing what you admire

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[bctt tweet=”It’s always beneficial to stand out from the crowd by doing what you admire – Amal Oumimoune” username=”SheLeadsAfrica”] Amal Oumimoune is another Moroccan student running things. She’s in her fourth year studying business at ENCGA (Ecole National de Commerce et Gestion d’Agadir) —that’s National School of Trade and Commerce in English. As a #MotherlandMogul […]

Fatima Zahra Nassik: Treat your business like a rollercoaster

fatima zahra nassik

There’s nothing as inspiring to us as seeing students getting their hustle on. Talk about getting into things early. Fatima Zahra Nassik is a bomb-ass social entrepreneur from Morocco. While pursuing her studies, Fatima co-founded Enactus ENA, a platform for student and business leaders, with her friend. Fatima didn’t stop at Enactus ENA though, she […]

Safaa Ouchen: You’re going to succeed over those trying to break you

With the rise of social entrepreneurship, more and more Motherland Moguls are using entrepreneurship to address economic and social problems. One of these women is Safaa Ouchen. In 2013, Safaa started Enactus ENA with her friends to address social and economic problems through entrepreneurial action. Here, Safaa clues us in on how she ventured into […]