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How to start/run a fashion label with no money and no clients

[bctt tweet=”No money or client at the outset poses a challenge but doesn’t render the situation hopeless” via=”no”] No money? No Clients? …No Problem! In business as in love, it is not always the individual with the ‘deepest pockets’ and the best connections that wins. In most cases, it’s the individual who applies their imagination […]

How to get started in PR with no money, no clients

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There’s a long list of business ideas that we willingly admit are hard to pull off without money, connections and clients. PR is one of them so when we got an opportunity to talk with Sasha Robyn who co-founded a PR company before starting BlogChatSA, South Africa’s first exclusive online bloggers show. Sasha’s I-may-be-a-rookie-but-I-can-do-it stance […]