SLAYing your productivity from the inside out

In a world flooded with so much negativity here, it’s high time we realized that in order for us not to become like lost balls in the high weeds, we have to maintain certain personal standards and values to keep afloat.

Yes! It is true that teamwork will always create room for a deeper level of productivity. But most times, we tend to forget that there is no great team without great individuals within.

And the level of productivity of any team will be determined by the level of value within each team member. 

All these bring us back to the importance of building ourselves as individuals, whether in our business, our career or even our personal lives.

Following the guidelines below, from John C. Maxwell in his book ‘The 360° Leader’, we can be able to determine where we belong in this pursuit for productivity.

“These seem to be the two main paths for people to get ahead in an organization”.

People who rely on production…

  • Depend on how they grow
  • Focus on what they do
  • Become better than they appear
  • Provide Substance
  • Do what’s necessary
  • Work to control their own destiny
  • Grow into the next level
  • Base decisions on principles

People who rely on politics…

  • Depend on who they know
  • Focus on what they say
  • Appear better than they are
  • Take shortcuts
  • Do what’s popular
  • Let others control their destiny
  • Hope to be given the next level
  • Base decisions on opinions

The big question now is, having looked inside out, where do you think you belong?The Rush!

No doubt the year is sprinting to an end, the clock is ticking endlessly, yet, many personal and corporate goals lie unachieved.

At this point, there seem to be many pointless reasons not to double our hard work, and see to it that no stone is left unturned, but really??

Do you really think productivity is about those who sweat the most?

“It is not enough to be busy, so are the ants. The question is, what are we busy about?”. – Henry David Thoreau

Take a deep breath!

The breath here goes beyond taking out Carbon dioxide and taking in Oxygen.

It’s more about taking deep reflections on not just what we are yet to achieve these past eleven months, but most importantly who we have been, who we have become.

This is the beginning of our ‘inside out journey’.

The Inside Out Journey

This will help us restructure our lives in all ramifications. Taking a deep breath will give us a cue to the direction of our paths the past eleven months.

It will help us see the loopholes within which may include laxity in a particular area or even too much concentration in another. This journey will help us balance our lives.

No one is saying this is the time to start setting new goals and objectives. (although that wouldn’t be a bad idea, at all). However, what is paramount here is that, we already have targets and set goals that are yet to be actualized. The inside-out journey…

  • Give us  a sense of focus and direction
  • Help us set our priorities right.

Yes! It may be called a journey, but its unbelievably right and  quick too!

This journey to productivity is quite different from the others we mat have been through these past months; chasing success and leaving behind every other aspect of our lives, forgetting that even exhaustion reduces the quality of our productivity.

Therefore, this is not the time to keep running in the usual circles. The only circle we should run within at this point is inside of us.

Productivity should not just be something we strive to go through but rather, it should flow through us - Eden Benibo Click To Tweet

That’s the true success!

Like Lisa Nicholas rightly advised “make sure you measure success by the right barometer. Success is a holistic experience. It’s not partial. It’s not compartmental. It’s an entire experience.”

So! Focus on the real deal at this point. Grow into your next level, do not hop into it and watch ‘you glow before your own eyes’!

Slay on!!

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