Nkateko Eulander Nanni: Spirited, Confident and Independent woman

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Nkateko Eulander Nanni is a 33 year old Auditor for a top milling company in South Africa. She also runs an NPO for children affected by eating disorders and autism; in addition to that, she is being trained to run a Macademia farm.

One of the paths her work has led her to was being nominated to enter the Mrs Mpumalanga pageant, which is a build up to becoming a contestant for Mrs South African. Already a top 16 finalist, she has become popular because of her charity events and fundraising for women, children and the physically challenged.

Who is Nkateko Nanni in a sentence?

Nkateko Nanni is a spirited, confident and independent woman; who is intelligent, opinionated, has a good sense of humor and a good heart.


How old are you? Where and how did you grow up?

I am 33 years of age, and was born in Majembeni Violet Bank B in the rural areas of Bushbuckridge, Mpumalanga, South Africa. My parents, Mr and Mrs Mokoena, are both academic’s, my father is a retired principle and my mother is a high school teacher. I have a twin sister, Eurocia; we were raised in a Christian, very structured and principled home.


How are you contributing to the South African economy?

I provide mentorship to young people and I am working on building my own Forensic Auditing firm.


What is you greatest achievement?

Other than the work and outreach work I’ve done, which I’ve received humbling results from; my other technical achievements are my studies. I have obtained a national Diploma in Internal Auditing and a certificate in Bookkeeping.


Tell us about your family life?

I am married to Franz Nanni; my soul mate, my smile keeper. He is a beautiful man inside out. He is the one that knows me truly and has love for me always!

I am also a mother. My daughter Zoé is my life, she is the reason I strive for perfection daily. She is the very motivation why I wake up and want to leave a lasting legacy for her and XiluvaXama, my New NPO project.

nkateko-eulander-nanniWhat other business are you involved in?

My husband and I run Nanni’s Paradise, a macadamia nuts farm. My husband is a medical professional turned macadamia farmer, and he is training me to run the Farm- and I love this new duty.


Tell us more about your organization

Our Non-Governmental Organization is called  Kago Yabana.

Kago Yabana Foundation is a non-profit organization based in Nelspruit, South Africa. It was founded by 6 active members who are now the executive board, and who give leadership support, volunteerism and advice about all the programs in the organization.

We set up early childhood development centers and youth managed multipurpose centers throughout identified areas in RSA. Our work also allows us to provide and advocate for children’s rights and their development in communities, especially in the rural areas. We liaised with government and other institutions towards Early Childhood Development policies, formations and implementation in accordance to the needs we come across in this sector.

We undertake capacity building for HIV/ AIDS awareness and eradication. We invest in food security, women & children well being and empowerment.


Tell us about a project which is close to your heart?

We have been raising awareness and funds for Hlayisani in a township called Ngondini, it is a group of houses which act as a refuge village for women who have been abused, who have been affected by substance abuse, and who may have nowhere else to go. It’s a Safe Haven for rape and human trafficking victims

This haven has been providing computer lessons for those that can’t afford to go to school due to a lack of funds. We provide laundry and run other Developmental Programs.
Another project I enjoy, which I have just taken up is mentoring Logan Monareng, Miss Ehlanzeni finalist 2018.


What is a cause you are committed to as Mrs Mpumalanga and Mrs SA runner up?

My causes are: Eating disorders, depression and alcoholism among children. Another important factor that I will be supporting is autism, as it is not supported a lot.  I have started reaching out to friends that have kids suffering from the disorder.


What other events has your organisation created?

A few months ago we did an event for Mandela day, 18 Minutes of service, in a village close to Ngodini, Mpumalanga, at the Hlayisani Center. As Kago Yabana we partnered on this project, providing food parcels and food pack donations. We also cooked and did maintenance for houses.

In August 2017 we held a fund raising charity event, in support of autism and benefit for the Children with Eating Disorders Foundation. I managed to raise quite a large amount of money. All fundraising and ticket prices were donated to the Foundation.

What more should we expect from Nkateko Eulender Nanni?

The upcoming Official launch of my NPO: XiluvaXamama

I am currently doing the following annual events:

Annual Charity walk/run

Annual Eat Drink & be Giving

Annual Charitable Couture Fashion Show

The Red Dot Project

Mentoring 5 children next year and establishing the Colibri’s Make-up Artistry (beauty)

Do you have an inspiring story to share with us?

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Eva Tito Biyela: Separate yourself form the negativity that life brings

Eva Tito Biyela, is a business woman who has created over 10 businesses since she was in her youth. Eva runs a travel agency, IT and electric business. She also runs businesses in the hospitality industry. In addition to that, Eva is known for her philanthropy work. She has been involved in charity work for many years and has found herself assisting in housing, feeding, building, offering and volunteering. Many call her Eva, mother of many.

What inspired you to get into business?

After I matriculated I went straight into business. I was already seeing various opportunities which I could provide solutions to, and needs/gaps which I could fulfill.

I discovered early on that I am the type of person who gets tired or easily bored when I have to keep doing the same work. So it became a habit for me to venture into something else while I keep another business running.

Over the years I tried many different things as a passionate entrepreneur. I was always finding ways to resolve challenges and find solutions to societal needs. My life revolved around business. I have been in business for the past 26 years.

Where did you grow up?

I grew up in Tanzania. In my book I speak a lot about my experience growing up caught in-between my mother who was a Muslim, and my father who was a Christian.

My brother, sister and I were raised to adopt and to practice both religions, and it worked very well. We were happy even whilst experiencing poverty and various challenges. One of my favourite experiences growing up, which I mention briefly in my book, is the relationship between my brother and I.


What were the challenges you faced as a young business woman and mother?

When I began in business I faced a lot of stress. But, the hardships I went through growing up and being a young entrepreneur lead me to this understanding:

  1. Don’t let the stress of life take away the joy of your day
  2. Tell the truth always about your situation
  3. Be real to yourself
  4. Separate yourself form the negativity that life brings

I learnt not to take business too seriously, to take things as they come, and to work hard, yet not to try change things I cannot change.


Tell us about your family

I have four beautiful children, a girl, 24; twins (a girls and a boy) 22; and my youngest girl, 21. They are much like their mother, full of life, business driven, and very much involved in community building and charity work.

Two of my children have already taken after me. When they completed varsity they wanted to get straight into business, so that they took over the managing of my IT and electricity business.


What led you to talking and writing about your life  and business experiences?

I have failed many times in my life. I’ve failed in business  and in resolving some life issues, but, I wouldn’t change any of that, because it gave me the life experience I have; and I have no problem sharing my experiences.

Over the years it has become easier to open up to people and share my story. Through my sharing, I have assisted people to resolve their own issues.

From sharing my story with people, I would find myself addressing groups of people, and in turn being asked to speak at church events. As my business grew, this demand followed me everywhere. Eventually I had to answer that call.

What led you to write a book?

Besides being asked many times by various people to write a book, I never thought I would actually write a book.

During my encounters with people, especially woman in conferences and during projects I have been involved in, I would be asked to have on record what I speak about or to package it in a book. Then unexpectedly, the time came when I felt the conviction and urge to write, and that is how the book came together.


What is the book about?

The book is about the harsh challenges people face, and the how to exercise faith during these challenges. I reference a lot of my own journey and the experiences of getting to a point where all I had was faith to get through my challenges.  This faith has been all I have been talking and teaching about the past few years.


What projects are you currently working on?

  • Luxury and leisure vacations and cruise ship packages
  • Continuing with my charity work with different organisation; and also my office supports various initiatives
  • Being a speaker at various events and outreach programs
  • Finding solutions and assisting in programs which help women to rise above their challenges and beyond victimization
  • We will soon be launching a magazine for woman in the African continent

What did you love about Eva’s story?

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