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Joy Kendi: Your 20’s are not for chilling. Work hard now, so you can relax later

Joy Kendi is a lifestyle blogger, vlogger and content creator who covers everything from fashion, beauty, and travel. She has built her creative career from the ground up, constantly teaching herself along the way to allow for continuous growth in her profession. Joy is a SLAYboss and runs things on her own terms earning her […]

Ipinayo Ade-Akingboye: Know the difference between a business and a hobby

Ipinayo Ade-Akingboye

[bctt tweet=”I wouldn’t say self-taught but I didn’t have any formal training in photography – Ipinayo Ade-Akingboye” via=”no”] Ipinayo Ade-Akingboye likes to think of herself as a creative. The short #MotherlandMogul studied Architecture in the University of Lagos but is currently a wedding and portrait photographer based in Lagos, Nigeria. Ipinayo is often playing Candy […]