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4 important signs you’re in a toxic work environment

Our work environment affects our happiness, productivity, and success. Through my experiences and discussions with colleagues, I understand how different workplaces can affect you positively and negatively. If you’ve been contemplating whether your work environment is the right place for you, here are some key points that could help you:    1. Low Employee Retention […]

6 Ways to Harness and Monetize your Many Passions

Asides the obvious fact that the recent economic downturn has forced several young people to have multiple sources of income, it is quite the norm these days to meet people who have a full-time job and are running small businesses on the side. They are also known as “side hustles”, and even full-fledged companies complete […]

Craft the perfect email for everyone in your office

In part I of emailing like a boss, I provided a checklist with the correct structure to slay all of your professional emails. In part II, I discussed how to tweak your content to suit you reader, be it a colleague, employee, boss, or client/customer. Understanding your reader is essential to getting an effective response. You […]