Keoratile Ngobeni: I wasn’t going to waste a year of my life doing nothing

Keoratile Ngobeni
Keoratile Ngobeni: I started Queen Mentality after I was forced to take a gap year Click To Tweet

Who says you’re too young to be a philanthropist? That person should meet Keoratile Ngobeni, a 20 year old feminist and philanthropist from Mabopane, South Africa. Driven by her passion to empower women and develop youth, Keoratile founded Queen Mentality.

With the tagline “Fierce. Fearless. Focused”, Queen Mentality works with women through seminars, events, workshops and community projects. This is all to raise a “generation of Queens”. When she’s not focused on turning young women into queens, Keoratile Ngobeni writes and works her hustle as a business woman.

Tell us about Queen Mentality. What motivated you to start this organisation?

Well, I started Queen Mentality after I was forced to take a gap year this year. I had told myself that I wasn’t going to waste a year of my life doing nothing. I knew I’d rather spend time impacting the lives of people in whichever way that I can.

Queen Mentality strives to bring out the best version of the women (and men) we cross paths with.

Since you took a gap year, what would you love to study and why?

When I first applied to university I had applied for International Relations and Politics. I got accepted to study it but unfortunately I didn’t manage to register.

Now, think this was the best thing to happen to me then because I have since changed my mind. I want to study Law. I was going to be stuck with a course I’m not passionate about.

Keoratile Ngobeni: I'm going for everything they told me I wouldn't achieve Click To Tweet

What is your greatest strength?

My belief in myself.

It took me a long time for me to believe in myself and now that I do, I’m going for everything they told me I wouldn’t achieve. It’s what keeps me going.

What is your biggest achievement

So far, Queen Mentality is my biggest achievement. It has opened a whole lot of doors for me and made me grow into the woman I am today.


Condoms or pads? Why?

Definitely pads. As much as unwanted pregnancies and STDs are important for people to refrain from, a woman does not choose to go on her periods —even when she can’t afford too.

You don’t hear that boys skip school because they don’t have condoms! Over 6 million girls skip school every month because they can’t afford sanitary pads for their cycle.

Keoratile Ngobeni: Queen Mentality has made me grow into the woman I am today Click To Tweet

Love or money?


As much as money doesn’t buy happiness. I don’t think I’d personally ever be TRULY happy if I were deeply in love but I didn’t have money to afford essentials.

Name three things in a women you find attractive.

  1. Confidence
  2. Ambition
  3. Giving credit to other women! For example, congratulating or being happy for another woman who is doing well for herself, telling other women their people, not having the “pull her down syndrome“.

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