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Eyitemi Popo: How I turned my media brand into a lifestyle brand

[bctt tweet=”If you’re an entrepreneur who feels stuck with your business, I hope you find this article at the perfect time and it encourages you to keep pushing.” username=”SheLeadsAfrica”] After five years of building my online magazine, painstakingly growing a social media following, and nurturing relationships with global brands, I had found a comfortable niche […]

Meet the young African women creating impact through international consultancy

International consultants working on finding sustainable solutions for social-economic problems on the continent, are more and more often roles fulfilled by our own young and brightest. Meet three young inspiring ladies from Kenya, Rwanda, and Zimbabwe who made their way into Dalberg – a firm that is rapidly expanding across the continent – to contribute […]

Francine Irakoze: Explore your talents, master them, and find a way to shine on the continent

Francine Irakoze was born in Burundi and grew up in many countries including Japan, Germany, and Belgium. Francine held various positions including Team Leader, Program Coordination/Liaison, and Interim Program Manager at Mckesson Canada before starting her global health career. In 2015, she was selected to join the 2015 – 2016 Global Health Corps Fellowship cohort […]


44 African leaders made history in Kigali, Rwanda on 21 March 2018, when they signed up for the African Continental Free Trade Agreement (AfCFTA). The agreement will create one of the world’s largest free trade areas – a single market for goods and services for a population of over 1.2 million people – if all […]

Sonia Mugabo: Emerging markets, like Rwanda, are centers of innovation

[bctt tweet=”@soniamugabo is setting the standard for Rwandan fashion in global and local markets” username=”SheLeadsAfrica”] Sonia Mugabo is the founder of Sonia Mugabo (“SM”), a Rwandan-based fashion brand offering an eclectic mix of African trends and contemporary style. SM offers both bespoke as well as ready to wear designs. A pioneer of Rwanda’s fashion industry, […]

Salha Kaitesi: Many of our traditions and stories have been lost

ElleAfrique Salha Kaitesi

[bctt tweet=”Salha Kaitesi of @ElleAfrique shares her advice on starting a blogzine. It’s not so hard!” username=”SheLeadsAfrica”] Salha Kaitesi is a social entrepreneur currently managing two projects: Beauty of Rwanda, a not-for-profit organisation that economically empowers women and girls in Rwanda; and ElleAfrique, a blogzine dedicated to challenging the perceptions of African girls and women […]

Faith Uwantege: I had a burning desire to help street children

[bctt tweet=”Faith Uwantege: If I didn’t have a big heart, I would probably have given up” username=”SheLeadsAfrica”] Faith Uwantege set up Faith Foundation to answer the issue of Rwandan children and women living below the poverty line. To realise her dream, she saved up while working her 9-5, all while knowing that when she quit, […]

Teta Isibo: There is so much potential for African artisans to increase the value of their products

[bctt tweet=”Teta Isibo: The whole essence of @InzukiDesigns is the fusion of traditional & contemporary” username=”SheLeadsAfrica”] Teta Isibo is a Rwandan fashion entrepreneur and the founder of Inzuki Designs, a Rwandan brand specialising in jewellery, home décor and accessories that fuses Rwandan traditional craftsmanship and global contemporary design. Teta founded Inzuki Designs out of a […]