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Manage Your Money Effectively with these tips from Ifeoma Okoli

Managing money effectively is crucial for every professional woman. The ability to manage finances is what gives you leeway to have the lifestyle you want. Not every woman would tell you that they are comfortable with managing their money. Ifeoma Okoli is an Audit Analyst with a degree in Economics and Statistics. She has a […]

How To Launch & Get Paid for Your Freelance Writing Career

Anyone can be a freelance writer. You don’t need any experience or degree. So, you want to dive into freelance writing? I get a lot of emails and DMs (on Instagram) from people asking me how to successfully start a career in freelance writing. With the fact that there are tons of wrong advice out […]

Young women should benefit from the growing impact investment market: Ujunwa Ojemeni

Ujunwa Ojemeni is a financing, business development and clean energy expert with experience in the areas of opportunity maturation, project financing and impact investing. She has been in the energy sector for over five years now. She was in project development for a while before transiting to impact investment. While in energy project development, she […]

Can Your Business Survive Without You? Here’s How To Be Sure

If we were sitting down for coffee and I ask what you believe to be the most important factor for success in business, what would you say? If you’re like most people, you might respond that it’s something along the lines of perseverance, determination or talent. What if I told you that while these things […]

Join the SLA #SecureTheBag Challenge

Hey Girl, End your Hot girl summer by securing the bag and getting your finances in order. Our 30 Day #securethebag calendar helps you: save, invest, and live your best life!  So without too much talk, enjoy your calendar as promised!  #SecureTheBag this September Sign up to download the FULL 30 days calendar! Get It […]