4 African beauty bloggers bringing something extra

Before I put fingers to keyboard for this article, I wasn’t sure how I was going to go about this beauty police work. I’m not a total novice to all things beauty but let’s just say I’ll rather watch Crime and Investigation than Style Network.

Thanks to man’s new best friend, I was able to get the word for who is hot and who is not in the beauty blogging atmosphere. Some names rang a bell, a few I follow on social media but they were a lot of others I never heard of.meme

After feeding off cyber world, I narrowed down four beauty bloggers I felt had something extra to bring to the table.

Ezine Alfa (Nigerian)

polo-ralph-lauren-supreme-oud-launch-december-2014-bellanaija003-400x600There is a reason this name came up in most articles and I totally agree with those writers. Anyone who is ready to show me how to do flawless make up, give me details on where to buy them and even the price in my local currency definitely will get me hooked!

I put her on my list because she absolutely got the 411 on everything beauty in Lagos, which by the way is the name of her blog.

Clare Oparo (Ugandan)

wolfWhat strikes me about Clare is her attention to the details other beauty bloggers don’t usually focus on. The Wolf & Moroko blogger talks about make up ingredients and how it affects different skin tones and textures.

I think this is so important because my skin reacts to some make-up brands and i don’t know why this happens. I’m so excited I discovered this beauty with the brains; I can now get useful tips on brands to avoid for my type of skin.

What does it profit a girl to wear all this nice makeup, only to get acne or some kind of awful skin reaction the following morning?

Simone Stephens (South African)

thumbnailI am a sucker for inspirational women. So, it’s no surprise that this South African lady is on my list. Even as she hands out beauty tips, she motivates and inspires the average woman, lady or girl to boost her confidence and self-image.

I also like that she samples very affordable products, so if you don’t want to break the bank just to look good, she’s the blogger for you. Go check her out on Canvas Fashions by Simone

Jennie Jenkins (Nigerian)

beauty-by-jj-makeup-tutorial-bellanaija-september-20140012I’m going to be straight with you guys, Jennie is on my list because she is Jennie! Yea I said it! I really like Jennie Jenkins; what intrigues me most about her is the way she transforms into different looks with her hair and makeup.

I am subscribed to her YouTube channel and have been stalking following her on IG, Snapchat and Facebook. Watch her YouTube channel beautybyJJ for dashing makeup looks.

So there you have it… my own version of African beauty bloggers who are killing the game, completely based on my sentiments and bias ☺