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Valentine Mabaso: I am a warrior, I got scars to prove it

[bctt tweet=”I aspire to help those with skin conditions and scars to see that their strength” username=”Rockscarsqueen”] …Shape, size and scars. These are some of the common insecurities that massacre every shred of confidence one can possess. Women feel the pressure to weigh certain kilos, have a particular melanin shade and definitely a clear skin tone. […]

Chinonye Akunne: My purpose is to help people and save lives

Chinonye Akunne

[bctt tweet=”Chinonye Akunne had unknowingly been practicing the craft of making products for years” username=”SheLeadsAfrica”] Chinonye Akunne is a Nigerian, born and raised in Columbus, Ohio. In partnership with her sister, Chinonye owns personal care company ILERA Apothecary. The company utilizes mostly organic materials, educates on health with relation to the skin and focuses on […]

Twitter Chat with Carol Nyazika: Moving back home as an entrepreneur (Nov. 3)

moving back home twitter chat

Thinking of moving back home? Thinking of starting a business? Thinking of moving back home AND starting a business? You’re not alone. There is a growing trend of Africans abroad moving back home and there are resources and organizations like Resource Nigeria and Movemeback that are helping people do just that. Within the group of […]

Zeze Oriaikhi-Sao: Following my life long dream makes the best use of my time

zeze oriaikhi-sao

According to Zeze Oriaikhi-Sao the qualities necessary for a successful beauty entrepreneur are determination, passion, instinct, financial savvy and strong communication skills. Just having a good idea isn’t enough. Zeze is the founder of Malée, a range of luxury fragrance and body care products that draws inspiration from the traditional beauty secrets found across Africa. […]