Digital platforms are taking the world by storm and as a digipreneur, leveraging these platforms can help you to connect with your audiences in a natural and personal way.

So since digital storytelling has become a popular channel for curating various narratives, how best can you, as a digipreneur and Motherland Mogul, maximize on platforms like YouTube to tell amazing stories?

We’ll be chatting with Hodan Nalayeh, on Thursday, 5th April, who will be sharing strategies on how to successfully build a digital community using platforms like YouTube – through storytelling.

Hodan has over thirteen years of experience in client management, sales and production in radio and television. Before founding Integration TV, she also worked on a number of TV shows, including the popular TV shows American Idol and So You Think You Can Dance.

She has changed the society with refreshing content that uplifts the spirit and shares pioneering stories of success.

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Some of the topics we’ll cover

  • Building a community with the power of storytelling
  • Tips for innovative storytelling using YouTube
  • Building your confidence as a digital entrepreneur and African woman

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Webinar Details:

Date: Thursday, April 5th, 2018

Time: Toronto 5am // Lagos 10am // Johannesburg 11am

Watch here:

About Hodan

Hodan Nalayeh is a media entrepreneur, a social media powerhouse and the Founder of Integration TV, which reaches millions of viewers across the globe.

Known for her commitment to self-empowerment, entrepreneurship, and Somali communities, Nalayeh has changed the society with refreshing content that uplifts the spirit and shares pioneering stories of success. As a trained journalist, she is captivated by the power of stories to change lives.

Born in Somalia and raised in Canada from the age of 6, Hodan holds a Bachelor of Arts in Communication Studies from the University of Windsor and a Postgraduate Diploma in Broadcast Journalism from Seneca College. Nalayeh is also a strong advocate for education, but more importantly, life education.

She’s also a mom of two boys and believes changing society starts with changing our narrative of success for Africans.

Facebook Live with Hanna Ali: How to stay relevant as a creative writer (Dec 6)

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Starting a career as a writer is one thing, but as a smart Motherland Mogul, the most important thing to consider is how to stay relevant in the game through the art of your storytelling.

Join us on Wednesday, 6th December, as we host a Facebook Live Chat with Hanna Ali, who will be sharing her advice on how you can stay relevant as a creative writer.

Hanna Ali is the first contemporary writer to publish their debut in Somali, both as audio and e-book.

She considers herself a typical Somali artist since her poetic prose closely connects her to her homeland, Somalia.

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Some of the topics we’ll cover

  • 5 top tips you need to stay relevant as a creative writer
  • The process of getting your book published
  • How Hanna carved her niche by publishing in Somali instead of an European language
  • How to get yourself noticed online

Facebook Live Details:

Date: Wednesday, December 6th, 2017

Time: London 11am // Lagos 12pm // Johannesburg 1pm

Where: facebook.com/sheleadsafrica/

Watch video:

“How to stay relevant as a creative writer with Hanna Ali – first contemporary writer to publish her debut in Somali.Join the She Leads Africa community by visiting SheLeadsAfrica.org/join!”

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About Hannah

Hanna Ali is a brilliant Somali – British writer who has been published on multiple platforms.

She was born in Mogadishu, Somalia and spent the first four years of her life there. Hannah started writing poetry when she was ten – first with song lyrics before she delved into writing short stories.

At the age of five, during the civil war, Hannah left Somalia for Sweden but moved to the United Kingdom ten years later.

Hannah obtained her BA in English and American Literature and completed her master’s degree at the University of Kent. During her time at the university, she took a gap year and lived in Egypt and Italy.

She was shortlisted for the HISSAC Short Story prize 2017 and the London Short Story prize 2016.

Hanna is a member of the exiled writers, and her work has been published in numerous publications including Scarf Magazine, Brittle paper, and Cecile’s writer’s magazine.