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Master the art of the side hustle in school

[bctt tweet=”If you are an active person in school you probably have 2-3 things going on at the same time” via=”no”] In university, it becomes important to effectively balance the primary purpose of being on campus (school) with every (and I mean every) other activity you have going on. From my first year in school, […]

Abiola Seriki: Running a business isn’t as juicy as it seems

Abiola Seriki

[bctt tweet=”It was all fun and games in the beginning as it didn’t take so much time to learn ” username=”SheLeadsAfrica”] My foray into the world of crafts began shortly in 2014 after my final year examination as an undergraduate. Throughout my time in school, I had attended several conferences focused on entrepreneurship and also […]

5 things to do before leaving school

[bctt tweet=”All students should make plans for life after school if they plan to be #MotherlandMoguls” username=”SheLeadsAfrica”] One of the biggest mistakes students make is avoiding the future. That is making no plans for after school or laying down foundations for post graduate life. Many times, you see graduates sitting at home even after the one […]

Starting a business while in school

So, you’re in school and you want to go into entrepreneurship? Cool! I like playing dangerous too. Gone are the days of waiting after graduation and getting a job. Gone are the days of “business is for uneducated people”. Come on, you and I know better and frankly, starting a business when you are in […]