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Facebook Live with Kike-Lola: Becoming your own boss (Jun 5)

The moment you realize you dread going to work three out of five days a week or you develop a passion for something bigger than your salary, you know you’re on the highway to becoming a boss. Following your passion and becoming an entrepreneur can be a significant lifestyle change especially when you’re scared of getting […]

Asanda Gcoyi: Talent on its own will never be enough

Asanda Gcoyi

[bctt tweet=”Many people are talented in something but don’t invest time in becoming the best – Asanda Gcoyi” username=”SheLeadsAfrica”] It’s time again for you to meet one of the people that make the SLA website run smoothly. We’re talking about our contributor family who SLAY with their writing. Asanda Gcoyi is a talent hunter, she’s […]