Titilope Oyewole: Social media was very easy to incorporate into my business

Titilope Oyewole
My inspiration was to provide quality and beautiful outfits at affordable prices Click To Tweet

Titilope Oyewole is a 23-year-old graduate of microbiology. She is also currently running her postgraduate studies in Parasitology and Bioinformatics at the University of Lagos.

While she pursues her studies, Titiliope owns Efab Creation and General Merchant, a start-up fashion house in Egbeda, Lagos.

What was the inspiration behind starting E-fab Creations?

The inspiration behind starting Efab Creations was to provide quality and beautiful outfits for Nigerians at extremely affordable prices.

Our motto at Efab Creation is ‘Everything Fabulous and Affordable’.

How were you able to successfully use social media as your primary marketing point?

I have been using social media even before I started my business. By the time I started my business social media was easy to incorporate, I used to do some online PR for major brands.

As part of my initial marketing strategy, I talked to other social media influencers as well and they have helped greatly in marketing my products.

Describe a sample social media campaign carried out for any of your product?

When we launched, we carried out our first social media campaign. I got some influencers and made them ambassadors of the brand so they talked about the brand itself across their entire social media platform. The idea was to introduce Efab Creation to the online community.

We had a total of 8 influencers and the campaign ran for three days. They all posted different contents on their various platforms for the three days. Most of their content covered talking about Efab and what we do. We were able to achieve followers and customers because it was evident in our sales after that.

I talk about my business to everyone I come across - Titilope Oyewole Click To Tweet

You have a following of about 11.7k following on Instagram  and 11.2k on Twitter, how were you able to achieve that?

When I started using social media, I referred people to follow the Twitter and Instagram pages, I also organized giveaways. The first rule of all the giveaways was for participants to follow our social media accounts first.

That way we were able to grow the platform. Also most of our customers tag us when they wear outfits received from us and that brings more followers and customers to our pages.

Which other ways have you tried to acquire new customers for your brand?

I do some word of mouth marketing. I talk about my business to everyone I come across. Also, I have printed flyers that I share to people.

Titilope Oyewole: Be consistent and give it your very best Click To Tweet

What advice would you give to other ladies trying to build a business online like you have been able to achieve?

The first thing I’ll tell anyone trying to build a business is to be consistent and give it their very best.

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