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Being your own boss as a freelancer

[bctt tweet=”You need to fully get your hustle on and sell yourself whenever you get the chance.” via=”no”] Welcome to the freelance life. First off, I’ve noticed a Nigerian trend where too many young people are obsessed with the title of CEO on their name cards, and less committed to undertaking the hard work that […]

Job hunting 101: 6 survival tips for the aspiring Motherland Mogul

[bctt tweet=”Are you feeling personally victimised by the job application process? These tips are for you” username=”SheLeadsAfrica”] Anybody here feel personally victimised by the job application process? Yeah, me too. I thought having a degree would mean people would come knocking at my door, begging me to work with them. Wishful thinking. I’ve come to realise the […]

Recently graduated? How to make unemployment work for you

anthea malwandle unemployed jobseeker

In recent years it has become common to find yourself unemployed after graduating. How you spend those few months in unemployment (or years if we are keeping it all the way real), could add a lot of value to your development. Use that time to invest in yourself and begin the journey of personal branding. […]