Urban-rural migration and the weird city girl that dares it

While rural-urban resettlement may be the most studied human migration pattern, it definitely isn’t the only existing one. Considering the pros of urbanization and the excitement that the urban switch stirs, it is understandably confusing that anyone would want to spin the bottle the other way around. I’m talking about urban-rural migration. Yes. Packing up your valuables then taking a hike out of town, destination, some good old rural grounds with the intention to settle for a few months…or for good. Talk about a reverse trend. The question is, why?

You know how when almost everyone gravitates towards something, it becomes particularly precious? Urban cities illustrate this best with their high cost of living and increased competition over limited resources. The basic structure of the urban system in itself is as magnetic as it is frustrating. As much as we love it, sometimes it gets too much and there is a yearning to shut out the noise of the city. This goes beyond taking days off work, or locking up and staying indoors.

Rural life presents a picture of serenity, easy living and greater mental focus -which we like to call ‘clarity of mind’. It also suggests cheaper land and rent, a chance to work without constant disturbance of modern tools and to learn the art of human relations in its most basic form. Now for the soulful African woman who needs to find herself but cannot because of the confusing urban noise and pressure, ruralism may be a very bold step. Moreso if it involves living alone, as many African cultures still raise eyebrows at the single woman who dares to live alone. Yet, it just might work.

Going rural may not be at the top of the list for most young women. But, when it does become a choice, it is always a good idea to start a business that will give financial security. Here are a few ideas;

Carefully_with_productsGo ruralpolitan

Be that city girl that knows how to farm.

Those who know this, know this, farming is good business. There is something strongly appealing about a farm girl. She’s a girl you do not want to mess with. Everyone loves to eat, even those who don’t eat much still need food. Cultivate maize, yams, vegetables, fruits…anything that works with available soil. There’s no shame in it. Farm and sell the produce within your community and find a market in the nearest city.

Here’s a fact; because of the absence of chemicals and smoke from industrial chimneys, crops grown in rural areas thrive, look and taste better. Get into some animal farming too. Rear chickens and sell the eggs, add goats to the mix if you can. And if people like rabbits in your part of town? Do not hesitate.

Set up a bakery 

We haven’t met anyone yet who doesn’t enjoy a good loaf of bread.

Chances are the nearest bakery is a good distance away from your town and folks do not particularly like walking so far to get some flour in their diet. Bake breads, doughnuts, rolls, pies even sweets if you know how to and sell. Drum up some new confectionery when you can and introduce it. You’ll be shocked to find how receptive people are to the new. They won’t just want to see it in your show-glass, they will want to taste it too!

Become a transporter

At a reasonable fee, of course.

If it’s high, you may very well just ride alone.This may be tricky because of the cost of the vehicle in question whether motorcycle, motorcar or van. If you have any of these, transporting would be good commercial enterprise to undertake. Don’t just ride that bike or car, make some cool cash out of it.

Launch a convenience store

Every town big or small needs a convenience store (guess that’s why it’s called “convenience”).

Before you do this, find out about the people living in your area and what they gravitate towards. This way you don’t waste time trying to sell things nobody has any interest in buying. It does not necessarily have to be a big shop at first. You could start small then later expand to something larger and on and on.

Stock up on products you know people cannot do without, things they like but can’t get because they have to go miles to find them. Save them the trouble and include all those things in your store. This business ensures a steady flow of income everyday!

Start up a medical care/pharmacy

Please be certified to do this. You don’t want law enforcement agencies knocking on your door one day out of the blue -that just smashes the whole idea of peace and quiet, don’t you think?

Much as this is humanitarian, it is also a service provision that comes with a fee. People have headaches or illnesses they simply can’t explain, women get pregnant, children run, fall and get bruises. Every one of them needs to be treated. Every town or village needs a medical facility no matter how healthy-looking the environment is.

Open a beauty salon

People get tired of doing their own hair. Even those who didn’t give it much of a thought earlier will suddenly begin to find their way to your shop once it opens up. Beware, you need to be able to make that hair sing. A lack of skill will quickly bring an end to customers trooping in.

Establish a guesthouse

Why open a guesthouse in a rural area? It’s as confusing as it is simple. City dwellers may not always like to go to small towns or villages but they usually pass through. Whether they come alone or are accompanied by friends, city dwellers will visit family ‘back home’ for festivities. Most of them will require lodging so that they don’t inconvenience their hosts. It would be a great idea to establish a place where they can lay their heads for the night or for a few days before moving on. Even better if your guesthouse provides meals.

Bottom line: When it happens that for any particular reasons you choose to go rural, keep in mind that ruralism is not the end of life. It is a simple way to initiate a lifestyle change that could be more rewarding than you think!