How to Enjoy Valentine’s Day as a Single Pringle

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While having a boo to spoil you silly on valentine’s day is great, we all know that being single on the day of love isn’t a big deal. I know it’s hard not to feel a little sad when you see those “For Him”or “For Her” packages or hear your bestie talk about her Valentine plans with her boo. And that’s totally normal. At the end of the day everyone wants to feel loved and appreciated.

In other words, you too can have the best time of your life on Valentine’s day. You have worked so hard and deserved to be spoiled with or without a boo. There are so many activities you can do. Let’s dive in.


Have a Spa day

Taking a day off to pamper yourself at the spa allows you to relax and manage your stress effectively. It also gives you some fun while getting a good massage. Go ahead and schedule a spa date this Valentine’s day.


Host a singles-only dinner

There is a good chance that you are not the only single person in your clique. Why not call your friends and host them at your place? It’s going to be so much fun.


Binge watch movies

You already have Netflix, you might as well enjoy your subscription and binge watch as many movies as you like. I love to call this the ultimate movie marathon.


Unplug from social media.

Yes, I said it. There is no point stalking your ex on social media to see how they are celebrating with their new found love or getting bombarded with photos of lovey dovey couples. Unplug for the day and read a book or spend time in nature.


Try new recipes

Do you have a bunch of recipes saved or favorites you’ve been meaning to try out? Valentine’s day is the perfect time to grab those ingredients and create magic.


Give someone a gift

Choose someone you care about, this could be your parent, sibling, aunt, uncle or friend and send them a really nice gift. Don’t forget to tell them how much you love and value them.


Cook a romantic dinner for your parents

What better way to celebrate love than to spend some quality time with your parents? Cook them an amazing dinner, set the table, light the candle and open a bottle of wine.


Get out in nature

Take a walk, or just stand outside for a few moments and get some fresh air. Connecting with nature in whatever way you can may help you center yourself, and a little exercise never hurts either.

Buy a gift for yourself

Do you have something that you’ve been dying to get, but have been too afraid to buy? Then you should really treat yourself with something you’re always wanted.


Go for Karaoke

Whether you want to sing on the top of your lungs with your friends or want to do it all by yourself, karaoke is always guaranteed to be a fun time.

How would you be spending Valentine’s day?


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How to celebrate Valentines Day – with or without a Boo

With Valentines around the corner, Yes I’m sure you’ve seen the countless teddy bear, red roses and champagne combo begging for your attention.

And being within the self-care era as a reigning champion. What are the options you could consider this Valentines? Single or not, you should have just as much fun as the next Motherland Mogul with or without a boo.

There’s much to do outdoors (if you’re in a warm country) just as there is indoors for all the queens.

You are a Motherland Mogul. And in case you’ve forgotten who she is, she knows what she wants and how to get it done.

As a motherland mogul, you’re running your business/es- being a sister, a mother, a daughter, partner, or a wife. You have a lot on your plate and self-care sometimes falls last on that list.

So how can you apply these strengths to having fun and unconventional day?

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Be your own date

You shouldn’t get anxious at the idea of spending time all by yourself. There’s so much beauty in taking a little pause for you.

Valentine’s day is about showing affection, being sweet and thoughtful. Give all that love to yourself.

Treat yourself like a queen, make that plate of pancakes and strawberries for breakfast, take a long stroll around your block and enjoy your company or even take that spa day you’ve always wanted.

Create a vision board

There’s so much power in visualizing the things you want to achieve in your life when you especially feel low- sometimes the anxiety of Valentines Day can leave you feeling some type of way.

You could take a notebook and write down 3 things you’d like to achieve by the end of the week, Give yourself something to look forward to.

So grab the magazines and start dreaming. Do this after work or during your lunch break. Grab your boo or a friend and visualize together.

Doing this makes sure you have someone to hold you accountable on your promise.

Share gifts with your loved ones

The most amazing thing about giving gifts is that you made that someone feel special that day. This good karma will always come back to you when you least expect it.

Try going for the less traditional route of valentines favorites- teddy bears, flowers and champagne. Be thoughtful in your efforts. Write a letter, visit your boo or friends and spend some quality time with them. We all just want to be seen.

Cook a hearty dinner

There’s something about good food that just cures the soul. You don’t need to be a foodie to understand just what I mean. Plus trying to make reservations on such a busy day is a struggle we don’t need, sis.

Go on a grocery run with Bae or on your own. Queue a great show or movie to watch after your lovely dinner and mellow out. You can have major fun taking it slow too.

Book an AirBnB sleepover with your girls

You can never have too much fun with your girls. Especially when there’s a bottle of bubbly involved. Make a great girls night in playing games and gossiping the night away with some wine and pizza.

You don’t need to go too crazy with the budget, find something in your town, just try something new and fun with your friends

Work on your New Years resolutions

New Years came and went, leaving most of us to make resolutions for the new year. Why not try to execute that one thing you haven’t worked on.

Having a better idea of how you feel about 2019 and what you’re trying to achieve. Re-evaluate what you had listed and where you are now, maybe you wanted to go to a yoga or aerobics class or said you’d call your mom more.

Attain at least two of your resolutions and challenge yourself to keep it going for 2019

Pursue your passion

Life can get overwhelming- meetings, play dates, parent-teacher conferences, family. We juggle a lot as motherland mogul and we are the last ones we check on.

The show has to keep running right?

Think of a passion project you have always wanted to accomplish. Write that blog, Start that course, work on that business proposal.

See this as an opportunity to be proactive, a chance for you to do you and feel no guilt.

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