Boss Lady Series: How to Build a health conscious Routine with Yasmin Kumi

Do you have a routine or a way to approach your day? Setting the tone for your day has a massive impact on how much you accomplish.

This month I will be showcasing the routines of several leading ladies who work on the continent. Learn how they balance working hard with staying on top of their physical and mental health.

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By sharing our experiences, learning from others and deciding what works for us as individuals, we all can have a good life.

I had a chance to sit down with Yasmin Kumi, the founder of the pan-African consulting firm, Africa Foresight Group. Yasmin travels between 3 to 4 times a week and wakes up at 3 am to set her priorities for the day.

She is a problem solver and has learned how to approach her wellness by trying new things and focusing on what works for her.

I put together a list of things I thought others could keep in mind from her experience.

1. Keep your personal goals and routines fluid

No two days in Yasmin’s life are the same.  Given all the work she does the most important thing for her to do is not put additional pressure and stress on herself by feeling bad about not having attained certain personal goals.  

She has introduced ‘if’ rules for different situations that allow her to create some consistency in her head. Try using this phrase to build your own ‘if’ rules:

“If some conditions hold, then this is what I have to do…”

2. Playlists can help you get into or handle a Mood

Yasmin is a very audiovisual person, so she reacts a lot to music.  

When she feels tired, she knows what music to play to get back up to speed. When she needs to relax or focus on something, she has a playlist for that.

She also has a playlist to start her bedtime routine that usually ends with a prayer.  You can use music to motivate you or remind you to do tasks you normally avoid.

3. Understand Your Personality to Maximize Your Output

Yasmin describes herself as a borderline extravert and though she loves her team, she sometimes feels like she can get more done if she spends some time working from home before she gets into the office.

Though not for everyone, Yasmin feels most productive when she wakes up early, at 3 am, to work undisturbed until about 6 am.

 Find what works for you and helps make you feel productive and successful.

4. You are What You Eat

Yasmin is hardly ever home.  When she is traveling, she normally spends part of her evening networking or socializing with clients and her team.  

She always feels so much healthier and efficient when she is at home, this is primarily because she has control over what she eats.  Yasmin believes that with good food, you think better.

She loves to make dinner for herself and while cooking she reflects and feels rejuvenated after a long day.  When eating, reflect and think about how the food you eat makes you feel.

5. Do You!

When some people look at Yasmin’s lifestyle, they assume that it is unsustainable. She encourages people to not get too influenced about what others think.  

You have to find out for yourself, physically and mentally what is healthy and what you are comfortable with.

Focus on how you feel and what makes you comfortable when building your routine.  Don’t be too hard on yourself. 

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