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Nothabo Ncube: You are bigger than your surroundings

When Nothabo Ncube was only 14 years years old, her mother died in a tragic road accident. Before she died, Nothabo had made a promise that she would become a doctor. 15 years later, Nothabo is not only a doctor, but she is also a consciousness speaker and entrepreneur featured on TEDx.  Her journey to becoming […]

Lola Denga: Intensifying your Inner Beauty

As a seasoned businesswoman, Lola Denga has been in the beauty space managing her own business for the last nine years.  She offers exclusive services that can be enjoyed from either her own home or that of the clients. Her services include Swedish Massages and manicures among others.  Over the years Lola noticed that these beauty […]

Rutendo Beverly Mpofu : A lot of people feel there are no returns in basketball

Twenty seven (27) year old Rutendo Beverly Mpofu, was born in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe. In September 2015 she started a basketball team, Lynx Ball Queens, with four other women, Tanya Kazembe, Celestine Karimbika, Sarah Kabiseni and Melisa Maganga. Beverly is the team captain and currently plays number 15. She also holds a Communications and Media with Management degree from […]

Carol Nyazika: Ndanaka is not just a beauty brand, it’s a lifestyle brand

We last spoke to Carol Nyazika 10 months ago, when she was still in the process of launching Ndanaka. Ndanaka is an au-natural lifestyle brand with products predominantly from Zimbabwe and other African countries. It brings together a variety of beauty elements and infuses them into one. Hence their tag line, A Fusion of Beauty. Revisiting our […]

Tsitsi Mutendi: I am the Queen of Start-Ups

[bctt tweet=”Entrepreneurship has its pro’s and con’s but it has taught me responsibility” username=”SheLeadsAfrica”]   Tsitsi Mutendi, founder of Jewel Magazine, Mucha and Mufaro dolls is a girl from Masvingo, born in Harare and partially raised in the UK. She spent eight years of her childhood in the UK before moving back to Zimbabwe. Tell us a bit […]

Diana Washe: Because I do what I like, my work and lifestyle are interlinked

[bctt tweet=”I covered my shoe with African fabric, posted it on social media & the next thing I was getting orders” via=”no”] Diana Mano is a Digital Marketer for a direct marketing company, a blogger, a BA Communication Science graduate and a mother of two boys. Diana, known by most as Diana Washe, is the founder […]

Nyaradzo Mavindidze: Work is a form of worship

Nyaradzo Mavindidze

[bctt tweet=”Nyaradzo Mavindidze is passionate about developing the ‘uncommon sense’ in leaders” username=”SheLeadsAfrica”] Nyaradzo Mavindidze, the Managing Consultant of Avodah Consultants, is a Holistic Leadership Expert who is passionate about developing the ‘uncommon sense’ in leaders, thus going beyond the five senses. A psychologist by profession, she enables leaders to draw on their inner and […]

Joy Makumbe : Engineering is all about networks

[bctt tweet=”I felt the need to test my strength & capacity to build, grow & sustain a company – Joy Makumbe” via=”no”] From an early age, Joy Makumbe, the founder of Majolic Construction and The Joy Makumbe Trust, both based in Harare, Zimbabwe, has always been passionate about turning her ideas into tangible physical reality. […]

Mutsa Majero: There are many companies for self publishing

[bctt tweet=”I am looking forward to highlighting Zimbabwean women who are creating waves all around the world” username=”SheLeadsAfrica”] Thirty-year-old Mutsa Majero has been living in the US for the past 14 years. She is the author of “Meet Chipo”, a children’s book. Mutsa is a licenced Mental Health Therapist and holds a Masters in Counselling Psychology. […]