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Social Media Week Lagos is finally here!! From the 22nd – 26th of February, there will be a new kind of traffic as Social Media Week takes over the city. I kid, I kid.

Traffic aside, there are several reasons why you should care about this event. Social Media Week is a conference held in cities all over the world that aims to highlight the different ways business, culture, society, and even politics can be affected through technology and social media. With over 100 events per city spanning across a wide range of industries from fashion to finance to technology to government, there is something for everyone.

In Lagos, some of the companies hosting events include Facebook, Intel, Andela, Google, and Paga. Besides the undoubtedly great knowledge that you would gain from attending the events, it is also a wonderful opportunity to network with other young professionals.

As I’m sure you can already tell, Social Media Week Lagos is exactly where you need to be. But how to choose from all these events? Well, because I’m all for efficiency, I have compiled a list of the 7 sessions you simply must attend:

1. The Networked African: Etiquette Of Building An Engaged & Creative Professional Profile

This event is for those of you looking to boost your online profile and learn how to get a richer networking experience. Hosted by Poise Nigeria, a soft skills consulting firm, the session will cover topics on personality and image management.

The event is especially relevant if you’re currently job hunting, because it will leave you with unique ways to stand out from the pack and leave a lasting impression for media week lagos 2015

2. #TalentDebate: Technology As A Catalyst For Economic Growth & Competence Development

Here, industry gurus will debate the critical issue of unemployment and what (between a job and skills) is important for sustainable economic and technological growth in the current market.

The session will begin with a crash course on the current economic climate and review statistics published by the World Economic Forum and GE. Additional topics to be explored include skills and talent development. Overall, it will be a good way to glean information about how to remain competitive in the market.  

3. The Beauty Of Tech

Who doesn’t love beauty? Check out this event to explore new ways to innovate in the beauty industry. Speakers include Bukola Akinmboni from House of Tara, recently featured by SLA Tress Co-founders Esther Olatunde and Priscilla Hazel.

There will be discussions on the impact social media has had on influencing beauty trends, and the future of beauty on the media week lagos 2015

4. FB Start & Free Basics For Developers – Powered By Facebook

A workshop catered to tech innovators, this session aims to educate on current opportunities provided by Facebook to aid the up-and-coming start-ups.

The session will go over services like Free Basics and FB start. A must-see for any entrepreneurs in the tech space.

5. Channeling Fashion: How African Fashion Media & Brands Tell The African Fashion Narrative

Calling all fashion lovers! Here’s a session tailor-made for you. Featuring a very exciting panel which includes fashion moguls like Lisa Folawiyo and SPICE TV Channel Manager, Yoanna Chikezie, this session explores a range of topics.

Some of these include: the influence of technology on fashion communication, the challenges faced in the industry and ways to overcome them. If you are creating a brand or are simply interested in getting more information on the industry, this is the place to be!social media week lagos 2015

6. Launch Of Women In Tech Africa Nigeria Chapter!

For those of you interested in STEM, this session is a great place to meet some very successful women in the industry from all over Africa. With panelist members including representatives from Google, Facebook, and TechCabal, there will be no shortage of expert knowledge during the session.

Women in Technology Africa is an organisation that aims to empower and bring attention to women involved in technology throughout Africa. The organisation also plans to start a chapter in Nigeria, which you can join during the event. To find out more about the organisation, visit their website here.

7. Small Is The New Big: How SME’s Will Transform Africa… And How You Can Be A Part Of It

If you have a startup, this is a great event to get some practical business advice from industry experts. The event is hosted by PAGA and will overview opportunities that exist in Nigeria and how to tap into them.

The session explores the unique situation presented by Nigeria’s need to diversify as a result of the current oil crisis.

Bonus: Internet Of Me Masterclass – Making Connections, Building Community & Sharing Your Voice

Come see She Leads Africa’s own Afua Osei at this event! Along with Matthew Sedze from Facebook, they will be discussing ways to use social media to create an impact in the issues you are passionate about.

So don’t miss out! Register for Social Media Week here!

Images from Social Media Week Lagos 2015

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