Breaking Barriers, Chasing Dreams

Meet the Unstoppable Dreamweavers

Navigating the intricate landscape of entrepreneurship as an African woman demands a spirit of resilience and grace. The journey winds through challenges, twists, and turns that might leave even the most steadfast souls a bit breathless.

Yet, within this dynamic tapestry, a remarkable narrative unfolds – one where women aren’t merely confronting obstacles; they’re embracing them with an audacious flair that makes it seem like a leisurely stroll. Indeed, these women are redefining norms, shattering glass ceilings, and shaping destinies as effortlessly as a brushstroke on canvas.


Allow us to introduce Zigwai Fanda and Olayemi Adewale-Ojo – two luminous forces reshaping the entrepreneurial narrative in ways that inspire awe. These women don’t just run businesses; they orchestrate symphonies of innovation and perseverance. As they traverse the peaks and valleys of entrepreneurship, they redefine the essence of success.


Zigwai’s Flourishing Dreams


Zigwai’s adventure weaves an enchanting introduction. Driven by a strong desire to mold her dreams, she set out on an unconventional path. Along comes LadyBamboo Limited – a living example of her dedication to sustainability and change. With skill, she transforms bamboo, rattan, and cane into incredible furniture, tools, and more. But her mission is bigger than business; it’s a dance to combat climate change, uplift women, and turn dreams into real-life treasures.


“The power of good relationships with your customers, employees, mentors, coaches, etc., can never be overemphasized.”- Zigwai Fanda 

Olayemi’s Artistry in Sustainability

Olayemi steps into entrepreneurship, bringing fashion, sustainability and creativity together. Her creation, Bara, stands as a testament to her ambition. With reversible children’s clothing and versatile designs, she tells a story of mindful choices. She believes fashion and sustainability should partner in a graceful dance, exuding elegance and ethical values. This is the essence of Golden Wisdom and Grace.

“Life is an intransferable responsibility.” – Olayemi Adewale-Ojo


Skills that Sparkle

Zigwai wields strategic prowess, a formidable team, and unbreakable customer connections as her arsenal. Olayemi’s arsenal embraces marketing finesse, strategic insight, and an unquenchable thirst for knowledge. These tools illuminate her journey, making her brand shine as a beacon of prominence.


Navigating Tempests with Poise

In the face of adversity, Zigwai’s approach involves reflective contemplation, seeking counsel from trusted confidants, and methodical problem-solving. Each challenge becomes a steppingstone towards growth.


For Olayemi, prayer, knowledge-seeking, and mentorship serve as the compass guiding her through stormy waters. In times of turbulence, she emerges not only unscathed but fortified.


Glimpse into HGCP Impact

Both Zigwai and Olayemi embarked on a transformative journey with the High Growth Coaching Program (HGCP), masterfully curated by She Leads Africa. Zigwai’s experience epitomizes metamorphosis; she honed skills, broadened horizons, and fostered enduring coaching relationships. The program’s influence is poised to transcend its duration, propelling her towards greater pinnacles.


With unwavering enthusiasm, both entrepreneurs stand on the precipice of learning. Zigwai anticipates insights from future facilitators, while Olayemi envisions a horizon adorned with newfound knowledge spanning marketing, sales, and business operations.


Zigwai and Olayemi’s narratives stand as luminous sources of inspiration, illuminating the fact that embarking on the entrepreneurial journey as African women transcends mere survival; it’s a masterful demonstration of flourishing in the face of adversity.


With eloquent assurance, they provide tangible proof of the extraordinary potential inherent in every woman to shape her own legacy. Through their narratives, they create a compelling tableau that invites others to partake, wielding determination, resilience, and grace as instruments to redefine success on their unique and empowered terms


Interested in reaching out to the ladies?

Zigwai Fanda, Founder of LadyBamboo Limited.
Zigwai A. Fanda, a social and environmental entrepreneur, harnesses her fervour to create economically beneficial products from sustainable bamboo and cane, enriching households and businesses. Holding a Degree/Master’s in chemical engineering from the University of Aberdeen, UK, and having worked in the Oil and Gas Industry as a Process/Safety Engineer, she is the driving force behind LadyBamboo Limited. This social enterprise transforms bamboo, rattan, and cane into a range of sustainable offerings, including furniture, accessories, utensils, and more.

Facebook: @ladybambooo

Olayemi Adewale-Ojo, Founder of Bara Textile Designs
Olayemi Adewale-Ojo, a wife and mother with a degree in Physiotherapy from the University of Obafemi Awolowo University, envisions a life beyond these roles. Her passion lies in helping young people discover their purpose early and building a legacy-defining company. This drive led to the birth of BARA, an Afrocentric Children’s Clothing brand, driven by Olayemi’s boundless creativity. BARA’s mission canters on sustainable consumption, encouraging the idea of doing more with less, and contributing to a more environmentally conscious fashion landscape.

Instagram: @bara.texdesigns

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