SLA Top 50 Rising Motherland Mogul of 2023

Recognising 50 Rising Motherland Moguls Disrupting Industries and Trailblazing Across Africa

[Lagos, Nigeria] – In commemoration of the 2023 International Women’s Day, She Leads Africa is announcing her Top 50 Rising Motherland Moguls List, which features Under 30 African women who are change-makers, trailblazers, and bold visionaries.

Undoubtedly, Africa is bestowed with immense creativity, talent and resilience. Despite the numerous challenges facing the continent – including conflict, inequality, and poverty – young African women are proving themselves to be unstoppable forces. Against all odds, they are defying stereotypes, and making amazing contributions in diverse fields. This is a testament to their determination and tenacity, and it is a story that deserves to be celebrated and recognized.

The Top 50 list showcases leading ladies and emerging stars of Africa, who are doing exceptional things in their communities and beyond. These women are trendsetters and role models, paving the way for future generations of young African women to follow in their footsteps.

In a comment, Adeola Tobi, the CEO of She Leads Africa, said, “We are excited to recognize and celebrate the achievements of these young African women who are making a significant impact in their fields. Our platform is committed to providing a community for young African women to showcase their talents, network with like-minded individuals, and receive the recognition they deserve.”

After numerous nominations and a rigorous selection process, those being honoured were selected based on their achievements, impact, and passion for promoting positive change in their communities.

They were selected from various categories, including Film Making, Sports, Social Impact, Agriculture, Mining, Journalism, Public Service, Photography/Videography, Construction, Business & Entrepreneurship, STEM, Content Creation, Healthcare, and Oil and Gas.


The 2023 SLA’s  Top 50 Rising Motherland Moguls are:


  • Kemi Olawoye, Co-Founder and CEO of Babymigo (Nigeria)
  • Okoro Chidinma Peace, Founder of The BloodDrive Network (Nigeria)
  • Josephine Murgor, Anti-FGM/C activist, Mental Health Researcher and Educator (Kenya)
  • Oyeronke Oyebanji, Public Health Practitioner and Deputy CEO of Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations (Nigeria)


  • Adora Nwodo, Software Engineer, Multi-published Author and Global speaker (Nigeria)
  • Oluchi Enebeli, Founder of Web3 ladies (Nigeria)
  • Fama Jallow, Aerospace Engineer and African Space Education Program Coordinator, (Gambia)
  • Ida Faal, CEO of FitaFaal (Gambia)
  • Apemaa Divine Yiganabari, Geologist/Remote Sensing and GIS Analyst, CEO and Co-Founder BPurple (Nigeria)
  • Zipeta Nabwala, UX/UI Designer, Software Developer & Founder Leverage Online, (Kenya)

Social Impact 

  • Blossom Egbude, Partnerships Associate at Global Citizen (Nigeria)
  • Murunwa Mutele, Chairperson of I AM SHE (South Africa)
  • Grace Mongina, Founder of Street Uproot Kenya (Kenya)
  • Pato Kelesitse, Climate Justice Advocate and Host Sustain267 Podcast (Botswana)
  • Maryann Iberuche, Brand Communicator (Nigeria) 
  • Diana-Melissa Ngoumape, Co-Founder of Lengue and former Miss Francophone Ghana (Ghana)
  • Farai Mubaiwa, Strategy Manager at Accenture (South Africa)
  • Oluwaseyi Moejoh, Environmentalist and Executive Director at U-Recycle Initiative Africa (Nigeria)
  • Dr. Ameaka Fatima Nkempu, Pharmacist and Body Positive Activist (Cameroon)
  • Azeezat Oluwaferanmi Adekanye, Communications Officer & Founder She Speaks Power (Nigeria)
  • Winnie Mphafudi, Social Activist (South Africa)
  • Udemeobong Edet Akpan, School/Therapeutic Counselor (Nigeria)


  • Leungo Mokgwathi,Social Media Manager (Botswana) 
  • Karen Takondwa Mwendera, Award-winning multimedia Journalist, Founder at Afrikaren Media (South Africa)

Public Service 

  • Shannin Samorita Azaleah Jones, Founder Sharing Stories By Shanz, South Africa
  • Idowu Oluwabusola Oladosu,Executive Director, Whispers of Love Children Foundation, Nigeria
  • Titilayo Abigail Obileye, Communications and Media Strategist (Nigeria)


  • Lufuno Ramadwa, Multimedia Consultant and Founder of Sedzani Media (South Africa)


  • Olive Caroline Mandalasi, Engineering Surveyor at Pamodzi Consulting Ltd (Malawi)

Business & Entrepreneurship 

  • Chido Dzinotyiwei, Founder Vambo Academy (Zimbabwe)
  • Freda Anyanwu, Founder, EBH Africa (Nigeria)
  • Nonhle Matsebula, Founder of Girl Boss SA (South Africa) 
  • Ashley Celia Timbana, Founder of AZALE Communications (South Africa) 
  • Chidinma Lynda Nnamani,Content Writer (Nigeria)
  • Victoria Udeme Mojisola King, Founder of The Victoria King (Nigeria)
  • Ebere Angela Ofoedu, Founder of Innovamp (Nigeria)
  • Obiageri odoemena, Fashion Entrepreneur at Zikorah (Nigeria)

Content Creation 

  • Usman Eleojo Favour, Content Creator (Nigeria)
  • kamsi Nnamani, Digital Creator (Nigeria)
  • Muji Bekomson, Creative Director at The Content Faculty (Nigeria)
  • Omobolaji Ajibare, Social Media Manager Coach & Digital Content Creator (Nigeria)

Marketing and Advertising 

  • Mwanamkasi Juma, Brand and Marketing Specialist (Kenya)
  • Jaylene Ramalatso, Social Media Strategist and Founder House of Intelligence Marketing Agency (South Africa) 
  • Haoma Worgwu, LinkedIn Certified Marketing Expert CEO and Founder of Envisage Hub (Nigeria)
  • Janet Machuka, Social Media Brand & Campaign Strategist Founder of  ATC Digital Academy (Kenya)
  • Treasure Ernest Iyoha, Marketing/Sales Expert & Founder of The Sales Ville (Nigeria)


  • Chide Idoga, Disruptive Technologies & Venture Capital Group at IFC (Nigeria)
  • Jennifer Awirigwe, Founder FinTribe (Nigeria) 


  • Oluwatosin Adedoyin, Customer Experience Consultant & Founder, Olatayo Educates (Nigeria)

We understand that there are countless other young African women out there who are doing remarkable things, and we encourage them to keep pushing, keep striving, and keep reaching for their goals. We also call upon individuals, organizations, and governments to invest in programs and initiatives that support the development and empowerment of young African women.

Let us all work together to create a world where every woman has the opportunity to succeed and make a positive impact in their communities and the world at large.

Once again, we congratulate the 2023 SLA Top 50 Rising Motherland Moguls, and we look forward to seeing what the future holds for these talented and inspiring women.

For more information about the 2023 Top 50 Rising Motherland Moguls, please visit or follow us on @sheleadsafrica across all social media platforms. 

Traits to Consider Before Settling on a Business Partner for your startup

You have been working for five years, in this time you have set out a plan to help you become a Motherland Mogul. The plan is getting into the business. You have gone as far as saving up for a couple of years to finance your to be start-up.

Recently, you have been toying around with various business ideas, the idea that encompasses both your passion and need to make some extra cash on the side wins.

You have looked at the various ways you can implement this business idea and realised you need a partner to do so. This could be because you are a good accountant but for the business to be a success you need a partner who will be the face of the business.

Or you are the sassy lady who is good at communication and drawing in the customers, and a manager is needed to make sure all that money you are raking in is properly managed. So currently the idea and the money are in place the only thing that remains undone is getting a business partner on board.

What are the things that you should consider to ensure you end up with the right person as a partner in your business?

Sharing the Vision of the business.

At the beginning, the business is usually just an idea. If implemented correctly, it could impact your lives and those of your clients tremendously in a positive way.

The person or people you choose to work with as partners in the business must own the vision of the business as much as you do. If your partner does not agree with you on the levels to which you want to take the business. They will always have negative vibes on the job that will result in your business losing money.

A partner is part of management, and if they are pessimistic with regards to the business, the employees will notice and get demoralised. The vision is the business. It’s what positions you strategically against competitors.

It is thus a prerequisite that before you decide to partner with someone on a business, be in sync on where you see the business going to in three months’ time or in five years’ time.

Honesty and Transparency

Honesty is a virtue that is a must-have in business. Individuals who are shrewd and unscrupulous ruin your business. You could have been saving for a really long time to start off this business or you got a loan from your bank to get it running.

Therefore, you cannot afford to lose the money or destroy your business name. It is therefore necessary to vet the person you intend to partner with. Inquire into the person’s character from others who have worked with them prior to you considering to partner with them.

If the feedback is positive you have a partner. If not, find your business train another station to disembark, as this one is a definite NO!

Hard work and Resilience

Start-ups are a mountain to climb on their own. The faint-hearted cannot survive this climb. Setting up a business from scratch is not a walk in the park. A partner will share in the business profits. This means they have to put in the work and the time needed to get the business to the top in your chosen field.

There are qualities that you will compensate for each other but working hard and smart is not one of them. One could be unquestionably talented but if they never take time to create and get their skills or work to the market no one will ever know of their talent.

Moreover, if you partner with a lazy person you will shoulder the whole burden of the business which beats the logic of having a partner in the first place.

Resilience is also key in your partner. Quitters run at the first sight of trouble. With new businesses, you will meet challenges that you never anticipated at the start of your journey. This will not mean that you quit.

Overcoming this challenges is exactly what you will need to do to solidify your position in the market.

HGCP 2022 Participants: Kosi creates content that amplifies businesses’ marketing effort

Looking back now, I am extremely grateful for my orientation & past experiences because it has groomed me to be resilient, to always bet on myself, to do my best & leave the rest to God. “- Kosi

Hey, Motherland Moguls!!! It is time for another HGCP feature!!! Today we have Kosi Ofodile of K21 Media, a boutique creative agency that takes an iterative approach to our media production to ensure that our videos amplify our clients’ voices and appeal to their respective target audiences. 

We had a chat with Kosi and we promise you mogul, there is so much to learn!

Tell us a bit about your background – how did you get to this point?

 I was born and raised in Victoria Island, Lagos, Nigeria. The first out of 4 siblings, alongside my twin brother. Growing up, I had a beautiful childhood. Loved playing Sims, lots of dancing and spelling B competitions, was such a girly girl, but still lied in a timid girl next door. Thankfully, with the help of my mother who was/is constantly encouraging me to remember where I come from & with the help of my lesson teacher, Mr. Kehinde, the journey to confident Kosi began. Looking back now, I am extremely grateful for my orientation & past experiences because it has groomed me to be resilient, to always bet on myself, to do my best & leave the rest to God. This has been my mantra since I turned 16 & I have my mum to thank for this. Both my parents have entrepreneurial backgrounds and have been of great influence, so I’m not too surprised I took on this path.


What was your dream job or career path when growing up?

To be an accountant (even if my math was bad lol)


Tell us a bit about your family and the relationship you have with them? (Mention the people you live with, family or kids)

I am so generously blessed to have a close-knit relationship and family who truly support my passions and every move. I come from a family of 4, we are all so creative & individualistic in nature. My dad is fearless, no other words to describe him. He fears no one, absolutely no one! My mum is my first friend and there is absolutely nothing I cannot talk to her about. I believe I can weather any storm with her by my side literally. My twin brother is constantly thinking out of the box and is not easily impressed by a lot of things, which challenges me to always be innovative & forward-thinking. He is also introverted and has a very high level of self-awareness which is truly refreshing. My younger siblings (sister & brother) are like my babies, they make us laugh a lot and are equally as independent. They are a vibe!


What you would to be remembered for? What impact would you want to make in this world?

I want to be remembered for showing love to others and being a solution provider in creative and thrilling ways. I want to be remembered for empowering brands and people with story-telling and positioning them to shoot for the skies


What is your ‘why’ i.e. bottom line, and how do you stay motivated?

Knowing that I have an appointment to keep by God and that I must fulfill is all the motivation I need.


Tell us more about your entrepreneurial journey.

When I moved back to Nigeria in 2016, I started working at one of the top broadcasting agencies in Nigeria, which exposed me to production. In 2017, I got an opportunity to work with a client who wanted to start a YouTube channel to share her lifestyle experiences in video content. After this project, I soon realized that many SMEs and personal brands did not have the purchasing power to outsource video production to heavy hitter agencies and big media houses/production companies. I observed this pain point and birthed K21 in 2018 to fill this gap. The rest is history

What is your favourite aspect of being an entrepreneur?

No two days are the same and seeing the satisfaction first-hand on my client’s face once a problem has been solved

Introduce your company the way you would to a potential customer?

We are a boutique creative agency that take an iterative approach to our media production to ensure that our videos amplify our clients’ voices and appeal to their respective target audiences. We are very modern in the way that we project the product offerings of our clients, which is why we focus on brand storytelling (i.e., we don’t do videos for weddings, bridal showers, or event videos unless it has to do with the product of the brand or the service that the brand is offering). So that is how we’ve been able to set ourselves apart from the rest. For us, video storytelling is our way of positioning brands to shoot for the skies, and our core goal at K21 is to share brand stories in innovative and thrilling ways.

What would you say are the top three skills needed to be a successful entrepreneur?

Resilience, Grit & Discipline

What’s the best advice you have received in business that you wish to pass on to our community?

You have to know what sparks the light in you, so that you in your own way can illuminate the world.

How do you handle or manage stresses of being an entrepreneur? 

Prayer & mini breaks across intervals during the day.

What do you feel are your biggest achievements?

At a point when Covid hit and things felt like they were going downhill, our resilience and ability to pivot our offerings and make even larger income than we did pre-covid is a defining moment for me. Amidst the hurdles and challenges faced, we pulled through!

What key activities would you recommend entrepreneurs to invest their time in?

Market research & Innovation- it is so important to carefully understand what the market is saying globally. What trends can be adaptable to your start-up? How are you capturing the attention of your audience and can it be better optimized? Are there alternatives in getting to your goal/target at minimum costs? These are questions that can be answered when thorough market research is being carried out.


We would like to know what you think about HGCP and your experience so far?

What has your experience been like as one of the finalists to the program?

To put it simply, the high growth coaching program has been intense and rewarding. Intense doesn’t always mean bad because sometimes, change comes with drastic measures to hold us accountable and that is exactly how I have journeyed through the program thus far. It has challenged me to set systems & structures in place to enable my business scale exponentially and the coaches as well as the SLA team have been of great help

By the end of the 12 weeks, what would you like to have learned from the trainers and coaches? 

Business Modeling & Operations


HGCP 2022 Participants: Pamela brings ethically farmed food produce to the market

We are so excited to introduce our motherland moguls to Pamela Orbih, a Petroleum Engineer, an entrepreneur, a mum, a wife, and a 2022 HGCP participant.

It was so refreshing speaking to Pamela, her energy for life and her passion for her business Yummly by Nature were inspiring. Yummly Nature sells the best quality ethically-farmed food produce like Sweetcorn, Potatoes, and Bell Peppers, to be delivered directly to your doorstep within 24 hours of harvest.

I am sure you are wondering just like we did before we had this interview with Pamela “Why would a Petroleum Engineer in Nigeria choose entrepreneurship over “oil money”?  

Please sit back and relax and get yourself a drink or a cup of coffee (depending on the time you are reading this)

“I do what I do because of the burning passion I have to bridge the gap between the local farmers and the customers. The fulfillment is derived when I know my business is slowly building a healthy populace due to the ethically farmed food products we provide to our customers. I stay motivated by constantly reminding myself that I am making an impact in the life and general well-being of someone out there, by them just purchasing their food products from us.”- Pamela Orbih

A bit about her background:

Pamela was born and raised in Lagos, Nigeria by very intentional parents.  Her parents played a huge role in her life and Pamela describes them as intentional. 

“My love for Mathematics and problem solving influenced my decision to study Petroleum Engineering at the University. Upon graduation, I was opportune to work in a company where I slowly transitioned from Petroleum Engineering to HR Recruitment. Worked in HR for about 4 years”

With your background, how did you end up founding a thriving business? 

“I have never been entrepreneurial. I had thought I’d be a 9 to 5er as I started corporate work quite early. The 2020 pandemic lockdown gave me an opportunity to become an entrepreneur. This ushered me into my new path in the Agribusiness industry where I founded my business, Yummly Nature. I’ll say my core values of honesty, transparency, and putting in the work, have helped me persevere in building my business from scratch to the level it has attained at this point.”

Wow! The irony! 2020 was a dark time globally but it also birthed Yummly by Nature. So what would you want to be remembered for?

“I want to be remembered for the woman who disrupted her industry and innovated various sustainable solutions in the Agribusiness industry. I want to be remembered as a woman who mentored and helped young ladies step out of their comfort zone and reach their full potential.”

What’s the best advice you have received in business that you wish to pass on to our community?

Run your business like a proper business. Know your numbers like the back of your hands and create standard operating procedures for activities within your business.

What key activities would you recommend entrepreneurs invest their time in?

Attending pitching events to boost their confidence in talking about their business, also, Networking with other entrepreneurs

What has your experience been like as one of the finalists to the program?

It’s been amazing. I love my buddy, Bolanle, and my Coach, Ifeoma. The facilitators have been super amazing. I’m loving it in our community

By the end of the 12 weeks, what would you like to have learned from the trainers and coaches? 

I would love to have learned proper business structuring.

HGCP 2022 Participants: Esther is dedicated to nurturing young minds

“I will like to be remembered for the impact I made in the lives of children from underserved communities and how through the skills set they acquire from the Community Innovation Hub, they were able to rewrite their poverty story/history of their families”

For Esther growing up in Akoko, Ondo State was no excuse to dream small instead it challenged her to push beyond her limitations and at the same time create opportunities for underprivileged children to excel.

Read our inspiring interview with Esther Ajayi, co-founder of Community Innovation Hub, a Hub that equips children with 21st Century Skills.

Who is Esther, where do you come from how did you get to this point?

I was born in Akoko in the Northwest area of Ondo state, Nigeria. I grew up in Ondo State. I had no mentor(s) who believed in me or could point me in the right direction. When I moved to Lagos, I found out I was ignorant about so many things and had so much to learn. There was a lot of work to do personally and so I had to buckle down to build my capacity to catch up with some years I felt were wasted. 

This is the inspiration behind what I do. I set myself on a course to give children from underserved communities the privilege I never had by equipping them through the Community Innovation Hub. 


What advice or tips would you give your younger self? 

Thank you for this question, I am a mum of two now and sometimes I reflect on what advice I will give my children as they get older, so to my 15-year-old self, I will say this:

“Hey little Esther,

You can learn anything you set your mind to learn. Have a possibility and growth mindset. Find a mentor and find opportunities to volunteer because in volunteering you find who you truly are and those who you are called to help.”


How do you stay motivated and inspired?

I do not want other children to go through what I went through while growing up, that is my why, and I stay motivated by reading the success stories of those that have passed through my incubation


So, tell us more about the Community Innovation Hub?

The Community Innovation Hub solves the problem of educational gaps. With CIH, my team and I equip young people with 21st-century skills. Our unique selling point, aside from teaching the skills is that we provide children with mentorship and guidance on how to write scholarship applications and they also get registered for local and international competitions in the area of their skills. 


What’s been the most significant thing you’ve done to grow your business?

The most significant thing I have done to grow my business is to tell my business story, rightly.

What skills would you say are required in becoming a successful entrepreneur? 

  1.  Marketing- You must be able to sell your business anywhere and anytime.
  2.  Emotional intelligence- to relate with people, your network is your net worth.
  1. Critical thinking skills- it is a jungle out there, especially for entrepreneurs in Nigeria and so you need critical thinking skills to solve unique problems that arise. 

What do you feel are your biggest achievements?

My biggest achievement is seeing children from the Innovation Hub winning scholarships abroad and winning local competitions.

What has your experience been like as one of the finalists to the program?

The feeling is something I am still basking in. I am excited to be among the finalists and most importantly, the learnings in the program are going to help me take my business to another level. It really feels great to be part of the 2022 Cohort.

What is your favourite quote or saying? 

“We did not come to fear the future. We came here to shape it” Barrack Obama

Managing Employees While Protecting Your Business

Running a business comes with a huge burden of managing people. After all, every business problem they say, is a people problem.

The demands of a growing business are burdensome and health draining in some cases where the business owner acts as the finance manager, marketing manager, procurement manager, customer service representative, and so much more.

Doing all these and hiring the wrong team members puts you at the risk of losing the business in its entirety. But, when done right, employee management can actually unlock an enormous amount of human potential. Below, we’ll look at some tips on how to set your business up for

1. Create functional systems (it’s not as difficult as it sounds). The temptation to micromanage employees can be strong, especially for entrepreneurs who are accustomed to having complete control over all aspects of their business. However, I recommend establishing a set of standards and expectations so that constant supervision is not required.

When on boarding and training new employees, your priority should be to halt your input as soon as possible thereby ensuring proper training to help them succeed. That means having clear expectations and channels of communication with people who don’t necessarily need you to function is critical.

Set up standard operating procedures for the entire business, beginning with the DOs and Don’ts that form your policy, the expected standard of production and service delivery for each department documented on paper, your mission, vision, and values, your target for the year, month, or quarter, your product description and in-depth value for knowledge selling, and a documented job description. (For example, tell your employees to write down what they do on a daily basis, review them, and add things you want them to do on a daily, monthly, or
quarterly basis). The advantage of standard operating procedures is that they allow you to control your service
standards, see your business in writing, and make adjustments as things change.

2. Be the type of leader you want to see in your employees

Employees look to their leaders for guidance on how to think and act in the workplace. Try to model the behaviours you want to see in your employees and be consistent. Modelling consistency and integrity will earn the respect of your team and show them how they can earn
your respect.

Your responses to customers, vendors, and employees shape their behaviour, especially when things don’t go as planned. Reacting angrily or inconsistently to customers implies that employees can do the same. Your management approach must be consistent before it can be effective. Employees know when management fails to act consistently or fails to hold themselves to the same standards as
their subordinates. Don’t forget, your employees reflect your personality and character.


3. Help your Employees grow
The skills that your employees bring to you are merely generic and basic, not streamlined to your business. You owe them training, direction, feedback, and assistance.

If they were the best, they just maybe somewhere better. Involving them in the big-picture goals of the company helps them feel like they can grow at your business, no matter how uneducated or inexperienced they are.

Don’t be concerned about them leaving after you train; what matters is the quality of service they provide while they are with you. Learn to promote high-performing employees. Keep no one on the same level for too long. Help them see career advancement in your small business
and don’t take them for granted.

Don’t undervalue what your employees already know about your company and what they can contribute or even do after they leave.

4. Create a workplace culture. Forget the English, Let me explain…
When it comes to employee management, developing a strong workplace culture is your best bet for attracting top-quality applicants, retaining great employees, and increasing productivity.

It starts with implementing your core values and ensuring compliance. Don’t just pick an employee of the month based on the amount of gossip given to you, or how they are protecting the wrongs of the business. When you present awards, tell all of the employees exactly what
the employee did and how it relates to the milestones you want your company to achieve. Make it a habit, and other employees will see how they, too, can make meaningful contributions. Hiding performance metrics because you believe they aren’t paying attention is
risky for your business. If there are milestones, let them know, if It’s a difficult time, let them know. Don’t just say it verbally show them evidence. You’re likely to have more committed employees this way. There’s a lot of things you can do: Reimburse people when they spend their money, provide them with tools and resources needed for the job. Buy lunch when you can and sponsor office hours’ activities. These show employees that you don’t just care about the work they do but that you value them.

5. Know the business you’re in charge of
Only expertise can win authority. I’ve seen business owners cry because a certain employee took their trade secrets and customers with them. You must understand the business you manage. Be the best hairstylist or nail technician in your store while you have others. This will
allow you to review what other stylists have done and retain your customers regardless of what the rest knows. Don’t limit yourself; learn everything, or at least a portion of what you manage, and your employees wouldn’t take you for granted.

6. Protect your business
Have you been a victim of your employee leaving with your trade secrets, database, confidentiality information and more? Either converting them for personal use or giving to a competitor? This is a regular situation with small businesses of course MSMEs are not left out but its prevalent with smaller businesses. What can you do? Decentralise your business. Never have one employee take charge of production, operations, finance and customer relations etc.

I know you have a slim budget, but you’re safer in the long run with a more structured workforce. Let your accountant focus on income and expense, Reconciliation and other regulatory issues. Have your customer service rep take orders only without preparing them. Your admin can manage the logistics and procurement, while operations focus on doing the internal work without many contacts with clients., This way, an employee will need a lot to get hold of your entire business. Most importantly protect your trade secrets, database and control who has access to what. In some cases, have a non-compete agreement with employees according to business practice acceptable to your region.

I understand that not everything can be accomplished overnight, and that initiatives may differ depending on factors such as company culture, industry, and even financial capabilities. It takes time and consistent effort to develop strong leadership and talent practices.
Luckily, FMR Agency is the first consulting company to offer end-to-end HR services to small businesses directly without the cost of an entire HR team! FMR AGENCY brings elements of big-company human resources support to start-up, growing, and small companies.
From contracts and policies to recruitment and training to performance management, management advice/ payroll, leave management, conflict management, etc.

FMR ensures your business has experienced human resources support that allows you to keep your focus where it needs to be – your business. FMR will match you with a dedicated Human Resources Business Partner who gets to know your business, its goals, and challenges and supports you all the way! Unlike self-serve HR consultants who provide templates, FMR supports you with dedicated, value-added HR support.

Find out how we can get you the results you need and reduce your HR costs.
Call us: 09028896663.
Written by Thelma Ibeh
Follow for more tips @thelma_ibeh on IG

HGCP 2022 Participants: Bolanle is tailoring African Fashion with love and pride

Sometimes the most extraordinary things are birthed from tragedy. On this edition we feature a doctor who is taking the love and pride of Africa fashion to the world.

After Bolanle John Emaimo had a bike accident that fractured her left leg and caused her to be bedridden for 4 months, she used this tragic period in her life to immerse herself in art. She began by doing scribblings to crayons to watercolour pencils to digital paintings on Procreate.

“The legacy I would want to leave in this world is that I am the girl who dreamed of it, worked towards it and became all that she wanted to be.” –  Bolanle John Emaimo

She then moved to making beautiful designs which she was then advised to place on T-Shirts and that’s how her fashion brand came to life.

Bolanle is the founder of Africa Arise Clothing Line and one of the 20 female finalists’ part of the High Growth Coaching Program. We had a chat with her, and this is the story of her entrepreneurial journey with tips on how you can be a better businessperson.

Give us a bit of background about yourself, where are you from and how you came to be the person you are today?

Growing up in a Yoruba and Efik home, I remember that I avoided and despised anything traditional cloth that was made or bought for me. I preferred the English clothes because I felt they looked more stylish and creative.

I was someone who always had an eye for fashion since I was young, but I didn’t just believe our African wears were stylish enough maybe due to the colour of fabric chosen then or the combination or the style it was designed into.

My mindset went through a major reset and a good reformation when I went abroad. While abroad (Take Russia for example where there was Racism), being African and proud was more than a necessity, it became my identity.

I identified with our culture more and valued our African textiles. The way I saw how our textiles stood out and told a great story of our identity as colourful, joyful people and also seeing European people take pride in our African clothing made me value it more.

What is your favourite aspect about being a fashion entrepreneur?

Being able to create that which I have been ruminating on my mind, representing Africa using our African textiles and changing the narrative about African Fashion.

Tell us more about your business

Africa Arise Clothing Line is a Pan-African Fashion clothing line with the aim to deliver the most artistic, creative and Afrocentric fashion pieces that will make you strut into any room with Confidence as you take pride in our African clothing.

What’s been the most crucial thing you’ve done to grow your business?

Opened myself to challenges, stepped out of my comfort zone and became part of this year’s HGCP training program.

What has your experience been like as one of the finalists to the program?

It’s been awesome – I live my life daily with a focused purpose. It’s been an intentional moment of growth for me personally and for my business.


By the end of the 12 weeks with HGCP, what would you like to have learned from the trainers and coaches? 

How to delegate tasks and how to inspire other people.

How do you stay focused and productive every day?

I always put the end result before my eyes. Whenever I lose focus or want to give up, I remember the end goal which I am driving at and keep pushing


What’s the best advice you have received in business that you wish to pass on to our community?

Stop procrastinating and just start right now.

What are some of the things you think new entrepreneurs should invest in to grow their businesses? 

It’s important to learn new skills. Be willing to always develop, read books about business and marketing. Put yourself out there and network with other entrepreneurs – online and offline.

What is that one thing you would like to be remembered for and what is the legacy you want to leave behind?  

I would like to be remembered as an African woman who represented Africa both locally and globally. One who influenced many other Africans to love Africa and take pride in being African.
I would love to use Fashion as a means to achieve that. 

The legacy I would want to leave in this world is that I am the girl who dreamed of it, worked towards it and became all that she wanted to be.



HGCP 2022 Participants: Christianah shares her story of rising up through tenacity to build a business

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This year’s edition of the High Growth Coaching Program promises to be very exciting for our founders. The SLA team sifted through over a 1000 applications and after a rigorous application process we selected our top 20 participants. We are so proud of how far they have come. 

On a weekly basis we will introduce you to our participants, their story and their business.

On today’s feature we sat down with Christianah Imole-Ayo Owoeye, co-founder of Trash Monger to share her story on coming from a humble background and rising up through tenacity to build a business that would empower women.

“Always be ready to learn, unlearn and relearn.” – Christianah Imole-Ayo Owoeye

Tell us a bit about yourself?

I was born in Agege Local Government Area  in Lagos. I am the second child of six and the first female child in my family. My primary education was in Lagos while my Secondary Education and Tertiary Education were in Ogun State. I am a graduate of Business Administration.

Growing up wasn’t fun until I found my Identity in Christ which gave my life a new meaning and purpose.  

Apart from running Trash Monger. I am a soulful gospel minister, artist, and scriptwriter. During my National Youth Service, I participated in several advocacies through the Community Development Service (CDS).  I was an active member of the Federal Road Safety Corp CDS group and often engaged in sensitization projects among women and girls on personal hygiene through the reproductive health CDS group. My work with the Reproductive Health CDS group increased my passion for an impactful life which made me volunteer in a recycling organization where I built my knowledge about the Waste Management sector where I now fully operate and lead.

I would say one of the best gifts received growing up was education.


What was your favourite subject at school and why? 

Psychology; I like being able to understand human feelings through what they are saying or not saying.

What was your dream job or career path when growing up? 

Growing up I wanted to be a cosmetologist, but I was not sure if I could study this as a course in a university. I remember that as a secondary student in Nigeria, you had to choose between two or three pathways that determine the subjects you will learn as a senior secondary school student, I decided to choose the “art” pathway because I thought that it would have some connection to cosmetics. I didn’t realize how wrong I was until I was in my second year of high school. I remember crying when I realized my mistake.

However,  it did not turn out all bad, I realized that I had a knack for writing, acting and playing musical instruments.


Tell us a bit about your family and the relationship you have with them?

I am married to my friend of over 7 years and it’s being over a year of beautiful communion and friendship.


Tell us about the legacy you want to leave in this world? What you would to be remembered for?

That I gave hope, that I lived a life that would inspire you to take life as a gift.


Have you always been entrepreneurial, what led you to taking that first step and setting up your own business?  

Right from when I was a teenager, I had always loved proffering solutions and rendering services. When I was younger I helped manage my dad’s pepper soup business. I loved seeing the joy on our customer’s faces after serving them. I also sold jewellery and clothes in school to support myself. Ah!  I also had a failed business, it was a recharge card business. 

As a new entry in the waste management sector the ability to impact the local communities mostly women and youths while contributing to achieving a sustainable environment makes being a social entrepreneur interesting and inspiring.


What is your favourite aspect of being an entrepreneur?

The ability to impact the lives of local women and youths while contributing to achieving a sustainable environment makes entrepreneurship a journey worth being a part of.


Introduce your company the way you would to a potential customer?

Trash Monger Limited is a waste collection and recycling social enterprise that is into the collection and recycling of waste into sustainable raw material for manufacturing processes. Since we started the business we have been able to create over 300 green job opportunities for internally displaced women and youths from underserved communities. Also, through our initiative we have carried out sensitizations within local communities on the importance of recycling and how to achieve a sustainable environment.


What’s been the most significant thing you’ve done to grow your business?

Continually learning through courses, mentorships and growing my network.


What would you say are the top three skills needed to be a successful entrepreneur?

  1. Management [money, time, leadership] skills,
  2. Strategic thinking skills and 
  3. A good communication skills


What’s the best advice you have received in business that you wish to pass on to our community?

Always be ready to learn, unlearn and relearn.


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HGCP 2021 Participants: Seclot Vet co-founder Olasunbo Atekoja shares how Seclot is providing security through address verification

I sat down with problem solver Seclot VET co-founder Olasunbo Atekoja to discuss how she is building the footprint of Nigeria through address verification.

Tell us a little about yourself.

My name is Olasunbo Atekoja and I am  a co-founder of Seclot VET. I graduated with a degree in business Administration and Management 8 years ago. I have worked as an assistant supervisor with a fast food outlet, cash consultant with a Lagos state hospital and I am currently a country manager at Seclot.

I spend my free time listening to music, going on road trips and spending quality time with my family.

What do you feel are your biggest achievements?

My biggest achievement is having overcome the fear of moving from paid employment to self employment, makin the leap to from regular income and structured work t the uncertainties of entrepreneurship such as business regulatory acts and stiff competitions.

What is your favorite aspect of being an entrepreneur?

My favorite aspect of being an entrepreneur is having the power to dictate how I spend my time, which allows me time to care for my household as well as the vastly available networking opportunities with other businesses and entrepreneurs.

What challenges have you faced first as a founder and then as a female founder?

The first and major challenge I faced as a founder is managing the team, some of the vetters are older men who find it difficult taking orders from a younger female and thus questioned my credibility as a manager, which is frustrating.

Introduce your company the way you would to a potential customer.

Seclot Vet is building the footprint of Nigerians one step at a time leveraging physical address and identity verification. 

We carry out employee verification, guarantor verification, NIN verification, driver’s license verification, Voters card verification, NUBAN verification and BVN verification. We perform physical address verification to confirm the authenticity of the information you’ve received from people you are working with in a seamless and effective manner. After using technological best practices to keep tabs on people we verify for our clients, we also provide after service support for them.

You can learn more about us by visiting our website at, you can also follow our Instagram page at You may also direct enquiries to

How did you come up with the name for your company?

Considering the state of insecurity in the country, we created a company that could reduce this insecurity by  ensuring there is enough data for security outfits. We needed the name of the company to sound reassuring to our clients,  hence the name Seclot which literally means Security for the Lot.

How have you carved a niche for yourself in your industry?

We have carved a niche for Seclot VET by ensuring we are registered as a security technology company. We do not only verify addresses and identity, we keep a repository of data which can be used to track the footprint of people over a period of time.

Where do you see your business in the next 5 years?

In 5 years time, we have a vision to have built the footprints of over 10 million Nigerians leveraging physical address verification.

What’s been the most significant thing you’ve done to grow your business?

The most significant thing we did in growing our business was to increase our customer base to 1,600 while also applying to accelerator programs to scale up the business.

What would you say are the top three skills needed to be a successful entrepreneur?

The top 3 skills needed by any entrepreneur are marketing, people management, and bookkeeping. Entrepreneurs should invest their time in these activities (acronym KEN):

Knowledge – research on your industry and best practices;

Exposure – start marketing early and get feedback from potential customers and;

Network – meet with people that are in your field or related field.

What entrepreneurial tricks have you discovered to keep you focused and productive in your day-toNday busy schedule?

The trick I have discovered is that I have control only over myself and my actions, so I don’t get unnecessarily worked up over other people’s behaviors. Whenever I am feeling overwhelmed, I go to my place of relaxation.

What’s the best advice you have received in business that you wish to pass on to our community?

The best advice I would love to share is “If you want to go fast, move alone; if you want to go far, move with a crowd”.


Olasunbo is currently on the High Growth Coaching Program preparing Seclot VET to build the footprint of Nigeria.

HGCP 2021 Participants: Founder of Bakerlicious Titilope Akinola talks about how her love for cake inspired her confectionary business

I sat down with Titilope Akinola, the founder of Bakerlicious to talk about how her love for cake inspired her to start a confectionary business Bakerlicious, which makes tasty treats for all of life’s important occasions. 

Tell us a little about yourself.

I’m Titilope Olubukola Akinola, I’m the Lead Baker and Sugar Craft Artist at Bakerlicious, a ProHire & Craft Company. Bakerlicious is a business I run on the side in addition to my full time job at Ventures & Trusts Limited, a Financial Advisory firm where I practice Human Resource Management. At V&T, I’m responsible for Human Resource Management and Administration. I have thirteen years of HR experience as a Generalist.

I am a resourceful, tenacious and passionate person who is crazy about all things craft and beautiful. I enjoy travelling, reading, watching movies, coordinating events, cake baking and decorating, as these are my super powers.

What do you do for fun/relaxation?
I spend my spare time watching movies, hanging out with my family and friends. I also love travelling and reading.

What is your ‘why’ and how do you stay motivated?
In everything I do, I always embrace opportunities that allow me to fully maximize my God given talents, abilities and deploy my expertise. I am motivated by my utmost desire; which is to build a wealthy legacy that will outlive me and generations to come after me.

What was the inspiration behind your business?
Cake baking and decorating was a childhood fantasy (I also wanted to be a lawyer and an actress). I love to eat cake and all kinds of desserts in any shape or form (lol).

Growing up, apart from birthdays or other occasions that involved eating cake, the only time I could have cake was when my sister agreed to bake for the family, provided that I would volunteer to manually cream the batter to a dropping consistency because we didn’t have a mixer. So my sister would measure the ingredients and leave me in the kitchen to struggle with the ladle and the cake batter; picture a skinny little girl seated on the kitchen stool in one corner of the kitchen with a mixing bowl on her lap turning butter and sugar in one direction with all the energy that she could muster.

As much as I love to eat and enjoy the activities involved in making cake, I never did anything to grow and nurture the passion until I volunteered at Awesome Treasures Foundation (ATF), a faith based NGO where I was inspired and my passion to bake was rekindled. In 2015, two years after my first Cake Baking and Decorating Class, I registered a business in 2015 and started baking for family and friends. This is where I got my first paid order as a home based commercial entity fulfilling orders from the kitchen.

Introduce your company the way you would to a potential customer
Bakerlicious (by ProHire & Craft Limited) is a Baked Confection, Sugar Craft, Food and Beverage Company. Our luscious treats include a wide variety of moist, yummy, fluffy and beautifully decorated cakes with a wow effect. We also offer scrumptious butter cookies and nutylicious fruity granola.

We also produce the best homemade thick, lush and creamy yoghurt drink and Greek yoghurt in plain and sweetened with date fruits (no colors, artificial flavors or preservatives).

All our products are homemade from premium quality ingredients sourced from local and international markets.

Whatever your order, what you get is balanced indulgence and a treat for everyone! You can see our products or make an order on our Instagram page at You can also visit our website at or give us a call or a WhatsApp on +234 81 8399 9299 and to view our WhatsApp catalogue. We’re also on TikTok at

How did you come up with the name for your company?
When I was naming my business, I wanted a name that speaks for the business without requiring much explaining, and my research for business name ideas led me to Bakerlicious. The name is a combination of two words describing exactly what the business is about (baked goods) and the customers’ experience when they see and taste our luscious treats (deliciousness).

How have you carved a niche for yourself?

We primarily cater to mothers who would give anything and go the extra mile to celebrate moments, birthdays, milestones, festive seasons, landmark occasions etc.. With our luscious boxed treats specially catered to their needs, and made with them, their children, spouses and loved ones in mind, we have positioned ourselves to be their preferred family baker.

Our promise is to stay with them for lifetimes, offering the best luscious treat options for life’s every occasion.

What is your favorite aspect of being an entrepreneur?
My favorite thing about being an entrepreneur is the joy and sense of accomplishment I get when an order is fulfilled, knowing that the customer is satisfied and will return with repeat orders and send us referrals because they are truly happy with our products.

I also appreciate the opportunities that unfold with each step taken towards growing my business. Every opportunity unfolds in layers just like when you peel an onion and I love to experience it.

What do you feel are your biggest achievements?
Starting my business and staying the course is my biggest achievement. There was absolutely nothing that guaranteed that I could come this far. Although I’m not where I would like to be yet, I am proud of how far I’ve come and excited about the journey ahead.

I am also proud of the product categories and variants we are able to serve our customers. We’ll definitely have more products to offer as we evolve.

I am also grateful for the learning and development programs I have been privileged to benefit from like She Leads Africa’s High Growth Coaching Program, which has helped me to streamline a path and equip me with useful knowledge and information for the next phase of my business growth.

What has been a make or break moment in your entrepreneurial Journey?
It was when my newly acquired self igniting mini industrial oven exploded during its second use. As I turned on the oven to bake, I heard a loud bang, at the same time; balls of fire hit my face. But for the mercy of God, I would have been consumed. I was wearing my pair of glasses which instantly became protective gear for my eyes. My eyelashes, hair and the skin on my face, ears and shoulders cracked from the heat. Only pictures can tell.

For two years I baked with camp gas and pots which was very stressful and time consuming. I considered my options at that time and decided to take the experience as part of my learning curve.

The positive feedback I got on the taste of my cakes encouraged me to carry on. It also helped me to identify how to get the best of a gas oven when I get another one.

I carried on till December 2017 when my mother’s carer helped me to overcome my fear of using an oven, she challenged me in a very interesting way reminding me that I am child of faith and should not allow fear to hinder me.

What entrepreneurial tricks have you discovered to keep you focused and productive in your day-to-
day busy schedule?
I make use of to productivity tools to plan my schedule. I employ a combination of direct labor and outsourced services, and I make use of ready to use products to cut prep and production time for cake decorating considering I still have my 9 to 5 job. I also shop in bulk which helps to save money.

I’ve also made a point to form relationships with vendors who are supportive and will bend over to meet certain demands on short notice.

What key activities would you recommend entrepreneurs to invest their time in?
Product Development, Sales and Marketing.

What’s the best advice you have received in business that you wish to pass on to our community?

You must have the courage of your conviction, and be knowledgeable about the business. You should be hands-on, dedicated and have an unrelenting will to succeed. Your next steps are within your reach so “Just do it”.

What business-related book has inspired you the most?
“Outliers” by Malcolm Gladwell

Titi is currently on the High Growth Coaching Program working to grow and scale Bakerlicious to keep on providing sweet baked goods to people.