SLA’s Career Strategy Guide

career strategy guide

Heard about a career strategy but not sure how to go about it?

We’ve talked about this before. How can  you not have a career strategy? SLA contributor Tamaan Wilkinson, schooled us on the importance of having a career strategy. You need to know off heart the steps that you’ll be taking to become the boss of your career.

This new guide will help you strategically plan and achieve your career goals.

Topics this guide will cover:

  • Setting your career vision
  • Determining the skills you need for your career
  • What to do if you don’t know what your career goals are

It’s all because, we want this to be you:


Complete with worksheets, space for reviews and lots of ideas for helping you get that career that you’ll love, this guide is must have for all women who want to be #MotherlandMogul bosses.

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Holding on to your business, your day job and your sanity

your business your day job and your sanity

Itching to be an entrepreneur but not ready to give up your day job?

Lots of people begin their businesses as a side hustle. It definitely makes sense. When you first start your venture might not be the time to leave your full time job. Or you are still learning from and enjoying your day job. And let’s be honest, it pays the bills and entrepreneurship is a huge risk.

Whatever your reason may be for doing it, juggling your day job and a business is hard. But it’s not impossible. This guide will teach you the essentials you need to hold on to both AND keep your sanity.

Topics this guide will cover:

  • Deciding if this is the right choice for you
  • How to stay accountable to yourself and your new business
  • How to not burn out
  • Staying motivated through rough times

Don’t let this be you:

your business your day job and your sanity

Complete with worksheets and lots of ideas for helping you manage your time and energy, this guide is a can’t miss for anyone trying to juggle it all.

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Starting a Business: The Very First Step

Starting a business: the first step

Ready to be an entrepreneur but confused about where to start?

Do you want to wake up every day doing something you love? Are you ready to be your own boss? Call the shots?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, then you just might be ready to be an entrepreneur. But wait…do you know the first step in starting your own business?

Confused about starting a business

Before you run out and buy a $5,000 domain name, read this free guide to get you started down the path to financial freedom and personal fulfilment.

This free guide walks you through the very first step in starting your own business: coming up with an awesome idea that sells.

In this guide, you will find:

  • Soul searching questions to help you pin down a business idea that is the right fit for you
  • The main criteria used to judge a good business idea
  • Stories and advice from women just like yourself
  • Business ideas you can start today
  • The secret ingredient that all great ideas have in common

No one ever said starting a business was going to be easy, but it can be extremely rewarding. Make sure you start off on the right foot by downloading this free guide today. It walks you through the first step every entrepreneur needs to know before embarking on their exciting journey!

Don’t delay! Get your copy today.

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5 Types Of Accounts Every Woman Should Have Before 35

5 Types of Money Accounts Every Woman Should Have Before 35

Mo money, mo problems right?

Mo Money Mo Problems

Maybe for Diddy, but definitely not for us. Definitely not in this economy and with the bills we need to pay and with the power moves we’re trying to make.

More money equals more financial security for ourselves, our businesses and our families but how do we go about achieving that in the long run? The first thing you have to realize is that you can’t wait until you’re older to get started. In fact there are things you can do before you turn 35 which will go a long way in ensuring your financial independence for the rest of your life.

We spoke to financial advisors from United Capital about what young women need to do to be better prepared for their future and they shared with us 5 important money accounts that every young woman should have before she turns 35 years old. Now 35 isn’t a hard and fast deadline but we can all probably agree that we better start to have our stuff together by the time we turn 35.

Topics this guide will cover:

– What are the 5 accounts you need to have before you turn 35

– Why each of these financial accounts matters for your future

– How you can get free financial advice to help you reach your money goals

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If you already know you’re ready to speak with a financial advisor who can help you set up long term savings and investments options, then you should connect directly with the United Capital team by emailing them at

Interview Prep Sheet

Your resume was on point. Your cover letter showed them how passionate you are for the job. You passed the screening call. Now all you have to do is ace the interview to get that dream job right?

The interview is where so many people stumble and lose out on the job of their dreams. Those of us who are good public speakers think we can just run up in there and say whatever comes to our minds. Those of us who are a bit more reserved have a hard time coming up with the right answers to questions even though we know what to say.

So how can you avoid missing out on a great opportunity due to silly interview mistakes? PRACTICE! PRACTICE! PRACTICE!

Yep, we’re talking about practice. Not the actual interview, but practice. The best way to succeed in an interview is to do the work beforehand so you know your story top to bottom and can effectively communicate that to the hiring manager. We don’t want to see you answering questions like this:

Job Interview Meme

Girl bye. Like good bye and don’t come back again until you get your life.

Since you’re a smart woman and those smarts brought you to this page we know you’re ready to get started on some serious interview prep. The SLA Interview Prep Sheet will give you a checklist of top questions to think about in advance of your next interview and the space to work on what your top answers should be.

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Building an online community: 16 practical strategies for growth

Building an online community-1

When starting up a business, it can be very challenging getting the attention of potential customers, suppliers and business partners, especially when it’s just you screaming from the rooftops. Once you get some visibility via social media and the press, then people start to take you more seriously and there may be some light at the end of the first tunnel in the startup game.

But how do you get visibility online when you’re starting from scratch? Don’t worry. We’ve developed a guide thanks to our year of trial, error and tribulation on how to build an online community from zero to 15,000 and counting. We’ve pulled together 16 strategies with tangible examples from the SLA toolbox on how to develop a concept, use social media tools and online networking to get the word out and use your fans as brand ambassadors.

We originally presented this class at Social Media Week Lagos. But based on the feedback from the session, we just knew we had to share it with everyone.

SMW Lagos Feedback

SMW Lagos Feedback

Topics this guide will cover:

– Who you should be targeting on social media and how to find them

– How to create an online voice that is true to your brand and helps you stand out

– How to set up experiments and make sure you’re learning from your past mistakes

– What you can do to become an active participant on social media and bring people to your brand

– The top tools and platforms to help you reach more people faster

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Filters Are For Suckers GIF

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Write The Perfect Cover Letter In One Hour

If you’ve found a job that you’re really excited about and can’t wait to apply for, this is the time for you to put your best foot forward. But do you know how to stand out from the competition? Everyone knows that resumes are critical but what about your cover letter?

Cover letters give you an opportunity to distinguish yourself from a flood of resumes. Use them to highlight your passion for the role, why you’re great fit for the company, and  your stellar communication skills.

Download the workbook, and in just a few step you’ll polish the cover letter that will differentiate you from the crowd.

Topics this guide will cover:

– How to select which work/volunteering experiences to highlight in your cover letter

– How to personalize your cover letter and showcase your research

– Structure and format

– How to write a strong opening and closing paragraph

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Launch Your Business In 10 Days

What do these three women all have in common? rsz_1rsz_cherae_robinson_nour_drissi_and_taffi_woolward_with_checks

They are obviously SLA rockstars but more importantly they are young women just like you who decided to take the leap to do something about a business idea they had been thinking about for awhile. They decided they wanted to put themselves on the path towards self-sufficiency, independence and success by becoming an entrepreneur. If you’re looking to start your own business but don’t know how, our email course on “How To Launch Your Business In 10 Days” will give you all the fundamentals you need to start successfully.

In the course we’ll cover these major topics:

What Are You Passionate About?

Before you launch your business, you need to know what type of business you actually want to pursue. We’ll help you figure out exactly what that is—so you can go after it.

How to Find the Right Problems for You

A major part of building a successful company is solving an actual problem faced by people who will pay you to solve it. We’ll show you how to identify problems worth solving and evaluate all the options out there.

How to Make Your First Sale

When it comes time to launching a business, the best proof that it works is having someone pay for it. We’ll help you develop a plan to reach your first customers and actually generate revenue.

How to Market Your Products

Once you’ve found some initial interest and a couple of customers, you’ll now need to think about how to reach more customers and position your products in the broader market.

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Kasope Ladipo-Ajai - Entrepreneur Showcase 2015 winner

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Build A Pitch Deck That Brings In The Cash

A pitch deck has become the standard way to introduce your business to potential investors and partners. Unfortunately this is not something you’ll learn on the job or in school and very few people are willing to share their pitch decks with others.

We’ve pulled together the best examples from more than 1,000 pitch decks that we’ve reviewed to prepare the ultimate guide for creating a pitch deck that will connect with investors.

What you’ll gain from this guide:

– The fundamental structure of an investor pitch deck

– The do’s and don’ts that all entrepreneurs need to know before they share their deck with an investor

– A template that you can immediately fill out to create your pitch deck

– Examples from successful She Leads Africa entrepreneurs

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