The Naija Quiz- Are you a daughter of the soil or nah?

Nigerians are fun, smart and cheerful people. Despite having so many tribes in one country, there is still an underlying trait we all possess. Call it the Naija swag or any other label but we can’t deny this inner Naija spirit that never carries last!

So your name is probably Funmilayo, Chiamaka, Hauwa or Esosa but it still doesn’t prove that you’re Nigerian at heart. From your childhood memories to your sense of judgment and humor, this quiz is a test on how much Naija-ness (new word alert) is in you.

P.S: If you fail, you will be shipped off outside Nigeria. #Gbam!

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Practicing the F word; which of these friends are you?

Friends are the family we choose for ourselves. True friends share our lives and fill them up with memories both good and bad.

I am a strong believer in the theory of the universe that says you receive what you give out. If you want to get the most out of your friendships, you must also be worthy of such.

The million naira question is, have you been practicing friendship the best way you can? Take this quiz for a wakeup call on what type of friend you are to your closest friends.

Two rules only, be honest and have fun 🙂

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What Career Should I Have? – The SLA Career Quiz

SLA career quiz

When I was younger, my mama always said to me “Anything is possible! You can be anything when you grow up”. As much as this is true, I sometimes wondered what job will be right for me.

We all want to pursue different careers for reasons known to us but then only certain careers might just be the perfect fit for us.

Are you wondering what career to get into or simply curious if you made the right choice? Take this easy and fun quiz designed to show you what your career should be based on your personality and interests.

Heads up guys- you may fall into multiple categories for some of the questions, so just select the closest option that suits your kind of person.

Have fun!

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