This is how you get into the fashion industry fast

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I remember telling my mom that I wanted to be a fashion designer and she looked at me weirdly and told me that I had to choose a degree program that would land me a well-paying job. She thought fashion design wasn’t a proper fit for me, however I thought differently. Eventually, I decided to study media and society studies as this was close to fashion.

I am no fashion expert by qualification however my love and passion for fashion qualifies me to point out what I believe you should acquire in order to make a resounding break into the fashion industry.

1. Fashion is about PASSION

You have all watched a romantic soap that left you teary and caught in the bubble of the love affair portrayed. I have personally have also fallen in love with the heartthrob (and I am sure a lot of us are guilty of this).

The passion that exudes between these characters actually drives haters to bring them apart, because their love will be flawless. This is the same passion you should exhibit when you want to venture into the fashion industry.

Passion gives you the hope you need in asserting that you will compete against existing huge brands such as Louis Vuitton and Chanel and become a household name. It’s what has driven Mustafa Hassanali, a renowned Tanzanian designer who is a doctor by qualification to become a pan-African designer behind the Swahili Fashion Week.

Passion makes you resilient and helps overcome whatever hurdles that you may encounter. Passion is an attribute you should possess, I think it is essential for a fashion breakthrough.

2. Determination

Determination yields results as the fashion industry can be frustrating. It needs self-driven attitudes that are built on determination and willpower.

It is no secret why determined individuals always succeed. They are unstoppable and don’t allow negativity to thrive within and around them. This skill I believe is essential for you to make a breakthrough in the fashion industry.

It is essential for young designers to build on your drive and multiply it by keenly building your brand through effort and determination. With these skills, despite the negative feedback you might receive from fashion critics, your brand remains alive.

A good example of a determined designer is Archel Bernard a Liberian designer who did not let financial setbacks hinder her dream for setting up a successful fashion business.

Be a determined fashion designer and you will soar to great heights.

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3. Marketing your brand

How you market your brand should exude both your passion and determination. This is to win over potential suppliers of your brand. As a less known brand in an already overwhelmed fashion world, it is quite vital for you to market your brand effectively.

It’s at this point you have to sell your idea and show belief in it. If you are unsure, it weakens your stance.

There are several products manufactured worldwide that cause long-term health complications. Yet the way these products are marketed exceeds the negative publicity associated with them. Think about that.

4. Believe in yourself and your brand

Trust yourself and that you will make it despite the opinions channelled your way; appreciative, negative or hostile.

Belief in oneself is simple, you have what it takes to become the best you and this is essential to break through the fashion industry. In believing in your brand, you resonate with unimaginable force that not only keeps you going but also makes others solidly trust in your line.

Fashion designers like Farai Simoyi exude confidence and character. Before being senior designer of Nicki Minaj’s line, she worked for Beyonce as head denim designer for her and her mother’s line.

Farai’s example shows that determination should be a factor that motivates your dream. The drive you possess can rub off on the right people you need to catapult your fashion design dream.

Patience produces character and this world needs an individual with tonnes of character Click To Tweet

5. Perseverance

Patience produces character and the world we live in needs an individual with tonnes of character. Established brands did not start from the top, they built their way and came out strong.

If people fail to understand the concept being presented to them, don’t give up. Instead, implement the skills mentioned above and patiently await because perseverance eventually pays off.

Patience is a virtue, remember Rome wasn’t built in a day. Let that be a motivation for your eventual breakthrough in the fashion industry.

6. Educate your fashion abilities

With a little education, you cannot go wrong. Building a fashion business needs knowledge, you need to understand how the industry operates.

Though most of us think fashion is just about cutting cloth and recreating trends, there’s more to it. Research your fashion venture and acquire the business acumen that guarantees profit. Produce a sound business plan to lure and keep investors.

This applies to all fashion enthusiasts, educate yourself, perfect your fashion abilities and refine your fashion sense, go on to create your own line and manage your fashion business.

These are the skills I think one needs to venture into the fashion industry. If you feel I left something out feel free to hit me up.

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Dalphine is a Christian and possesses a bubbly character, with a passion for fashion, digital media, marketing and broadcasting. She is a single mom of her handsome male replica (son) and is a Masters aspirant wishing to pursue digital media and media production. She enjoys cooking, baking, fishing, dancing and is an outdoor adventurer. She plays golf, tennis, volleyball and also enjoys watching drag racing. Dalphine is a go-getter and believes that if you don’t ask, you will never know. She is part of World Merit Zimbabwe, a group of young changemakers set to change the world through making an impact in the communities they live in.

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