From Passion to Purpose

Inspiring Journeys in Entrepreneurship

Step into the vibrant world of African entrepreneurship, where audacity and determination turn dreams into realities.

Meet Onyinyechi Breakthrough Chikere and Dumebi Doreen Madezia, embodying the spirit of African women who power about 58% of small businesses across the continent. These outstanding figures light the way, showcasing how women are driving change and seizing opportunities.

Their journeys echo with the echoes of wisdom, passion, and empowerment, each resonating to ignite the fire within every aspiring entrepreneur eager to follow in their footsteps.

Chikere’s Journey: Revolutionizing Fashion Sustainability 

Venturing into entrepreneurship wasn’t a mere choice for Onyinyechi Chikere – it was ignited by her love for fashion and the pressing need for sustainability. Amidst her studies in Natural Environmental Management, she witnessed the staggering waste produced by the fashion industry. This revelation fueled her to launch CLOZETSALES, a circular fashion marketplace, where clothes are resold, reused, and repurposed. Her audacious spirit, unwavering commitment, and passion for the environment propelled her to offer a holistic solution to the fashion waste problem.


Madezia’s Path: Transforming Kids’ Apparel 

Dumebi Madezia’s journey into entrepreneurship was sparked by a deep-rooted family legacy of business ownership. With a desire to create and share, she initially aspired to become a fashion designer. However, after struggling to find quality and affordable baby wear for her niece, her purpose pivoted. She founded SUENOS KIDS, an online store offering unique quality children’s apparel sourced from around the world. Her business cheat code? Putting God first, embracing consistency, and maintaining a deep understanding of her business numbers.

What Every Entrepreneurs Needs

Both women emphasize the essential skills needed to conquer the entrepreneurial game. Chikere stresses the importance of audacity, execution, and continuous learning. For Madezia, putting God first, embracing consistency, and understanding business numbers are her triumphant trio.

Golden Nuggets that Propel Success
Chikere’s game-changing advice centers on the validation of ideas through the market’s needs, ensuring that every problem doesn’t require immediate solving. 


Madezia’s wisdom lies in walking back from long-term goals to create a clear roadmap, keeping entrepreneurs on track amidst distractions.


Weathering the Storms During tough times, Chikere takes intentional breaks to rejuvenate and disconnect. Madezia believes in the power of self-care, acknowledging the necessity of mental well-being for sustainable success.


Proud Moments and HGCP Impact
Chikere bursts with pride recalling the successful launch of her declutter kit, while Madezia’s triumph emanates from taking her business live. Both women have been finalists in the High Growth Coaching Program (HGCP), a transformative experience that’s expanded their horizons and deepened their understanding of business dynamics. 


Chikere commends the program for its empathetic support, impactful mentors, and rich learning experience. Madezia cherishes the root-level insights provided by expert sessions, propelling her business forward.


Shaping the Future with Wisdom and Enthusiasm 

Looking ahead, Chikere envisions a longer relationship with her coach, providing continuous accountability as her business scales. Madezia anticipates gaining insights into building a strong global brand and absorbing the high-caliber knowledge imparted by the HGCP.


As Chikere and Madezia’s journeys continue to inspire, let their stories ignite the spark of possibility within you. Your dreams, combined with knowledge and unwavering determination, can pave the way to an extraordinary entrepreneurial voyage. Embark now and let the rhythm of their stories propel you forward.



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Dumebi Madezia, founder of Suenos Kids

Dumebi Madezia, founder of Suenos Kids, specializes in children’s apparel for ages 1-10. With a background in accounting and finance, she left her role as Head of Creative Industry Desk at Ecobank Nigeria to focus on growing Suenos Kids. Her tenacity drives her towards expanding the brand’s range, starting an in-house line, and opening physical stores across Africa.


Instagram: _suenoskids


Chikere Breakthrough Onyinyechi, Co-founder Clozetsales


Chikere Breakthrough Onyinyechi, Co-founder and operations manager of Clozetsales, is a passionate social entrepreneur committed to empowering women and advocating for climate action. With a degree in Forestry and Environmental Management, she’s transforming fashion resale, minimizing waste, and uplifting African communities. She’s recognized as a top Future Female Entrepreneur in Africa and won the 2022 YouTube Shorts Challenge.

YouTube: @Clozetsalesng

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