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Beninese Grace Ouendo is very passionate about Blogging and Technology. When she founded the LadyGracious blog, her aim was to promote creativity and innovation in Africa.

The plan was not just to have a blog but Grace also thought it would be life changing to enhance African girl’s tech skills. So this #MotherlandMogul is a Founding Member and Communications Manager of the NGO, Access to Computer for Every Girl. To top it off Grace Ouendo is also a community manager.

Grace was interviewed recently and this is what she had to share with us…

What do you find the most frustrating aspect of blogging?

There are two things that are quite frustrating in blogging. One is generating ideas when your inspiration is gone but you still have to produce content for your website it is quite frustrating.

The second thing is chasing your interviewees, when you have to get the information out of a resource person, sometimes you have to comply to the availability of your resource person and it gets frustrating when your meetup rendezvous is not working you just feel like giving up.

What type of networking do you think is better to enhance your traffic to the LadyGracious website?

To enhance traffic to the LadyGracious website it’s all about networking with the category of people who are passionate about the development of Africa in every domain, broad-mind people who like discovering things happening on the African continent, and there is currently a wave of proud African youths that are trying to make Africa proud.

Grace Ouendo

Can you tell me some of your strengths that really helped you in blogging?

Reading: Having a journalism background, one thing I loved doing since childhood is reading. I read a lot about blogging on the internet. He who reads cannot run away from writing. So knowledge acquired from reading was translated in writing for the web.

Curiosity: I single-handedly learnt how to start a blog, I have never received any training till today, just because curiosity is what is helping me come this far.

Observation: I observe a lot my environment, my circle of friends and things around me, so I try to learn from others by observing and thinking through what they do and pick the good from it.

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What’s the best thing a blogger can give to their readers?

The best thing a blogger can give his/her audience is added value. When your audience reads from you and goes back with new knowledge or information they will always come back because you give them value.

I must say there are quite a lot of blogs these days showing almost the same thing, do you have any tips for the newbies on how to develop a unique voice?

For the little I know, to develop a unique voice, blog your passions. In reading, readers will feel that this is something you love and are passionate about.

Another, is to be creative, bring out something that is particular to you, by observing other blogs you can easily find something they don’t have that you can offer your audience.

Grace Ouendo

Great! So now moving on to the NGO, Access To Computer For Every Girl. How did it start and did you have a blueprint?

It all started with a text message, a male friend had the idea and was like, ‘Lets do this together’ and I was like, ‘Why not’.

With my knowledge in ICT, it’s the best way for me to share what I know. Yes, we did have a blueprint. Our blueprint is dynamic, we adjust it seasonally as we are growing in number, in years and in credibility.

How is the organization funded?

Currently, the NGO is funded by ourselves, family and friends. We are also actively applying for grants and funds offered by international structures.

What’s a typical day like training the girls?

It’s always exciting because we get to meet new faces. On a typical day the group of trainers assigned for that particular training go to the school to set-up the computers, there is a maximum of 4 trainers present.

We roll out the lesson and then move to the practicals, whereby you have to monitor if the girls have understood the assignment given or not.

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With the future in mind, why do you think its important for women to embrace technology now?

Technology is ruling the world, its a fact. To be successful, popular even professional you can’t get far without technology being involved.

Therefore women have to level-up, because international business opportunities are online which I often published on my website. Any woman’s dream or business can go international with the right use of technology.

Grace Ouendo

Grace, what’s your vision for Access to Computer for Every girl for the next few years?

The world of technology is quickly advancing and our aim is to break the digital divide by giving girls technology at a very young age.

In the next few years we want to get to the level where we are able to give out free computers to schools, communities and more especially to girls leaving in remote villages.

Basically with LadyGracious it’s just you and when it comes to the NGO, you are working with other people who are your co-founders. What do you find different working in both setups?

With the website, I have a team as well, my chief-editor, graphic designer, photographer etc.

The difference is that with the website you go and search for the information and deliver it to the world whereas with the NGO its more like giving out your knowledge to a group of people. When it comes to team work it’s always tough but the job gets done anyway.

Tell us, would you rather live your entire life in a virtual reality where all your wishes are granted or in the real world?

I would loooove to live in virtual reality forever but, if all my wishes were granted I wouldn’t be who I am today. I wouldn’t be of any help to myself nor society. So yeah, that’s why its called virtual reality.

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