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Some may say that the natural hair and skincare market has been inundated but Hanani Dube would disagree. Hanani is fusing her degrees in food chemistry and business in her brand FroSister. You can easily tell by her range of hair butters in a variety of “flavours” such as vanilla ice-cream, avocado and sweet almond.

In this interview with SLA contributor Dalphine, Hanani Dube shares what makes her FroSister stand out from the competition.

Hanani please tell us briefly about who you are, I am sure people would love to know more about Frosister.

It is quite difficult to describe myself as I am a fusion of so many things. I am an academic. I studied food chemistry for my first degree and business and HR for my second but I’m also a creative at heart.

I managed to fuse together my love for business, food chemistry and natural hair by creating FroSister natural hair and skincare products. When I created the product range, natural hair products were difficult to find in stores and online .

Any challenges you have encountered in ensuring your products’ success?

There are so many, running a business is one of the most difficult things I have had to do. One of the main challenges is the actual start.

People always have great ideas and a vision but when it comes to the action part, lots of people procrastinate and fear sets in. Overcoming fear is a challenge to most. Once you start, you will find that a way is always paved.


frosister-top-sellersHow do you manage competing with established hair care brands and ensuring brand loyalty amongst your customers?

I don’t think its competition, I believe that what I bring to the table is fresh. FroSister is targeted to a completely new target audience.

My customers love their natural hair and want a higher quality product which works.

Which countries and fashion retail stores have stocked up your brand?

Our products can be found in the UK, Zimbabwe and the US. They can be found in independent retailers, wholesalers, as well as hair salons.

2017 will start with our launch in South Africa and Ghana. We also will be launching our FroSister Ambassador Program.

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Growing up, did you once imagine that you would take over the hair care industry and have your own brand retailing world over?

It was something that I aspired to do. I remember when I was 10, I saw an advert of a skincare brand and it just clicked. I immediately told my mum that when I grow up, I want to own a company like this.

However as I grew up, I totally forgot about the dream and went on to do food chemistry and nutritional science followed by my Masters in Business. Little did I know that all this would lead to the start of the brand FroSister. So you have to speak it into your life.


Aspiring #MotherlandMoguls (like me) out there are dying to know how you balance your family and business life

It is such a difficult task. You need to be highly organized with everything, planning a month and even a year ahead for the larger projects.

You also need to have a supportive family who understand your goals.  Also, don’t be afraid to ask for help.

So who, or rather what motivates Hanani?

My children motivate me.

I want to show them that anyone can make their dreams a reality with hard work, preparation and dedication regardless of their gender age or where they come from.

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Any words of encouragement?

If you have a dream, don’t allow anyone to tell you that you can’t. You are more powerful that you know. Faith, focus, determination, preparation and hard work are the ingredients.

You also have to love what you do and believe in yourself. Always remember you are beautiful just the way you are.

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