HGCP 2022 Participants: Abigail is promoting happy periods through technology

From a slum-like community in Bariga, Somolu in Lagos, to running her own business that provides healthcare solutions to women. Abigail Ogunyemi is the founder of Mellopads, and also part of the 2022 SLA’s High Growth Coaching Program.

“Trust yourself more, because only you can change your life. No one else will do it for you.”
– Abigail Ogunyemi

 She is committed and dedicated to the advancements of the lives of women. When Abigail had her first period at 13, she had no one to guide her through the new body changes. Little did she know then that she was going to be a changemaker in so many women’s lives.

We were privileged to have a conversation with her, and this is what she had to say.

What do you enjoy most about running your own business?

It is having the opportunity to take an idea and inspire other people around me to contribute to making it better and put it into action.

How would you describe your company Mellopads?

The Mellopads is a life-changing company that is committed toward bettering women’s healthcare through our various range of easy-to-use products and services.

How did the idea to start your business come about?
I suffered excruciating menstrual pain to a point that schooling for a full month was a challenge sometimes. At that time, I knew something was wrong, so I decided to solve one of my most difficult health challenges of menstrual pain.

 I would have continued to pursue a law degree in a Nigerian university, but I got an opportunity to study at the African Leadership University in Kigali, Rwanda. And that was my AHA! moment – when I knew I could really be anything outside conventional and in learned that entrepreneurship was a state of mind. 

I kept pursuing opportunities in the field of women’s healthcare until I was able to garner enough knowledge to propose a solution to alleviating menstrual pain, the Mello heat pads. It is still in the pursuit of better women’s healthcare that I got through the High Growth Coaching Program of the SLA to secure my business growth.

What do you feel are your biggest achievements in your entrepreneurial journey?

Raising grants for the business and being in the HGCP program.

Share how your experience has been as one of the HGCP 2022 finalists?

It has been 200% rewarding.  It has been more than I was expecting but durrr, it is very common to see SLA exceed your expectations. I have a wonderfully blunt and knowledgeable mentor (my kinda person) and my fellow cohort members are sweet!

What would you like to have learned from the trainers and coaches by the end of the program? 

Team management, how to raise funds and SLAYYYYYYYYYYYYYY:)))))

What are your top 3 traits of a successful entrepreneur? 

Open-mindedness, resilience and honesty

What’s the best advice you have received in business that you wish to pass on to our community?

Your business failure does not mean you’re a failure, you need to have a life outside of your start-up. Enjoy the process.

What key activities would you recommend entrepreneurs to invest their time in?

Eating healthy, prioritizing their health, reading business books, attending networking events and keeping a journal of their entrepreneurial journey.

For more information about Abigail please visit: Abigail Ogunyemi LinkedIn profile

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