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We are so excited to introduce our motherland moguls to Pamela Orbih, a Petroleum Engineer, an entrepreneur, a mum, a wife, and a 2022 HGCP participant.

It was so refreshing speaking to Pamela, her energy for life and her passion for her business Yummly by Nature were inspiring. Yummly Nature sells the best quality ethically-farmed food produce like Sweetcorn, Potatoes, and Bell Peppers, to be delivered directly to your doorstep within 24 hours of harvest.

I am sure you are wondering just like we did before we had this interview with Pamela “Why would a Petroleum Engineer in Nigeria choose entrepreneurship over “oil money”?  

Please sit back and relax and get yourself a drink or a cup of coffee (depending on the time you are reading this)

“I do what I do because of the burning passion I have to bridge the gap between the local farmers and the customers. The fulfillment is derived when I know my business is slowly building a healthy populace due to the ethically farmed food products we provide to our customers. I stay motivated by constantly reminding myself that I am making an impact in the life and general well-being of someone out there, by them just purchasing their food products from us.”- Pamela Orbih

A bit about her background:

Pamela was born and raised in Lagos, Nigeria by very intentional parents.  Her parents played a huge role in her life and Pamela describes them as intentional. 

“My love for Mathematics and problem solving influenced my decision to study Petroleum Engineering at the University. Upon graduation, I was opportune to work in a company where I slowly transitioned from Petroleum Engineering to HR Recruitment. Worked in HR for about 4 years”

With your background, how did you end up founding a thriving business? 

“I have never been entrepreneurial. I had thought I’d be a 9 to 5er as I started corporate work quite early. The 2020 pandemic lockdown gave me an opportunity to become an entrepreneur. This ushered me into my new path in the Agribusiness industry where I founded my business, Yummly Nature. I’ll say my core values of honesty, transparency, and putting in the work, have helped me persevere in building my business from scratch to the level it has attained at this point.”

Wow! The irony! 2020 was a dark time globally but it also birthed Yummly by Nature. So what would you want to be remembered for?

“I want to be remembered for the woman who disrupted her industry and innovated various sustainable solutions in the Agribusiness industry. I want to be remembered as a woman who mentored and helped young ladies step out of their comfort zone and reach their full potential.”

What’s the best advice you have received in business that you wish to pass on to our community?

Run your business like a proper business. Know your numbers like the back of your hands and create standard operating procedures for activities within your business.

What key activities would you recommend entrepreneurs invest their time in?

Attending pitching events to boost their confidence in talking about their business, also, Networking with other entrepreneurs

What has your experience been like as one of the finalists to the program?

It’s been amazing. I love my buddy, Bolanle, and my Coach, Ifeoma. The facilitators have been super amazing. I’m loving it in our community

By the end of the 12 weeks, what would you like to have learned from the trainers and coaches? 

I would love to have learned proper business structuring.

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