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Having the opportunity to pursue your studies abroad affords you many advantages. In addition to the fun of being able to explore a different environment and culture, you can also build your CV.

This is vital because the work experience you gain will help you after graduation. It helps you to set yourself up to have options for employment.

Here are some of the ways you can do that:

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Visit the College/University Career Center

It’s important you endeavor to visit your college’s career center in order to be informed and equipped about opportunities you can explore not just as a student but specifically, opportunities and resources for international students.

Any information you receive from your college career center will help you to make the right decision on how to proceed to start building your CV.

Take Internships that Are Related To Your Field

The best way to start building your work experience while studying is to take internships. Even though you are an international student, you can still apply for and have paid internships while studying.

This is truly necessary as it helps you build experience, learn and develop skills needed for the workforce. Also, it will help you confirm if what you’re studying resonates with the work you want to do because you will be in the environment to access things for yourself.

Also, even after you graduate, for international students in the U.S. you can continue to build up work experience through applying for Optional Practical Training (OPT).

This will enable you to extend your visa for a year in order to work. The OPT visa is not as complicated as the U.S. H1-B work visa process. Therefore, it is easily obtained after studying for students that want to work for a year.

Volunteer For Causes You Care About

Volunteering goes hand in hand with internships. Though you might not be getting paid to volunteer, you are still building your experience through it.

This is because volunteering requires you to use your skills to make an impact.

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Build Your Online Portfolio While Abroad

While studying abroad, it’s not only about taking fun pictures of parties, selfies with roommates and pictures of events happening on campus.

You can start building a professional online portfolio while studying. You can create a LinkedIn profile and a website where future employers know who you are and what you offer.

Post things that pertain to the skills you have. You can discuss the networking events and conferences you attended. Building an online portfolio will help you build your work experience because employers can reach out to you through your website and LinkedIn for internships, part-time/freelance work.

If you’re set to travel abroad for studies, make sure you make the most of it by utilizing the vast resources and opportunities you have to build your work experience.

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