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Trailblazing Women Share Their Spark


In the vast expanse of the business world, where challenges reveal themselves like intricate puzzles and victories illuminate the horizon like radiant stars, two extraordinary women continue to stand as unwavering beacons of inspiration and catalysts of transformation.


Allow us to reintroduce you to Chinazom Arinze and Hafsat Sahabi Dange, the relentless forces of entrepreneurship who have defied the odds, harnessed challenges, and surged forward with an unyielding determination that knows no bounds. 


Their journeys embody the profound truth that the pursuit of one’s fervent beliefs can propel us even when faced with adversity.


As they generously share their tales of triumph and wisdom, brace yourself to be galvanized by their unbreakable spirits. Their experiences echo the resounding reminder that the road to accomplishment is paved with unshakable resilience, fervent passion, and the audacity to chase your aspirations, no matter the odds.


The Spark That Enkindles the Flame

Chinazom’s journey ignited with a fervent blaze of determination. Amidst her university years, witnessing her family’s financial hurdles, she resolved to script a new narrative. This marked the inception of Autogirl, a digital haven for vehicle rentals that transcends mere transportation, metamorphosing into a paradigm-shifting concept.


Hafsat’s story, on the other hand, commenced in 2008, sparked by her recognition of a void within the beauty industry. However, her response wasn’t merely to fill the gap; it was to forge a profound transformation by establishing culturally apt havens for personal care, imbued with innovation.


Gleaming Nuggets of Wisdom

Chinazom and Hafsat, in their unique styles, serve up their recipes for achievement akin to culinary masterpieces. Chinazom’s counsel? Maintain a laser focus on addressing genuine issues and warmly embrace the feedback of your clientele. Hafsat imparts her wisdom with a touch of flair: Embark on a modest journey, dip your toes, gather insights, and shake loose those preconceived notions.


Moments of Triumph That Ablaze With Joy 

Chinazom’s triumphant smile finds its root in securing the prestigious Axa Mansard grant. Conversely, Hafsat’s radiance is an ode to the simple yet monumental distinction of bearing the CEO title. Both serve as living proof that kindled dreams inevitably evolve into tangible realities.


Intensifying the Heat with HGCP 

Then enters the High Growth Coaching Program (HGCP), akin to a firework’s burst of brilliance. For Chinazom, this experience has been akin to metamorphosis, while Hafsat’s laughter reverberates, accentuating the impact of a supportive project team, shaping her into a consummate entrepreneur.


Envisioning the Flames’ Tomorrow 

As the HGCP journey surges toward its culmination, Chinazom envisions an app resonating with 10,000 users, while Hafsat paints a picture of a network ignited by shared zeal and an unwavering determination to surmount the highest peaks.


So, here they stand – two indomitable entrepreneurs who aren’t just lighting their own paths but igniting sparks in each of us. Allow their stories to fan the flames of your aspirations. The wilderness beckons – are you prepared to traverse its depths, dancing through the rainforest and etching your legacy?



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Hafsat Sahabi, Founder of Metro E-Corporate Services LTD

Hafsat is a seasoned corporate lawyer and business innovation expert with over a decade’s experience at the Nigerian Corporate Affairs Commission. Her passion for community development led her to entrepreneurship, focusing on corporate compliance for SMEs, CSR consulting, and gender programming. She’s a social entrepreneur, winner of the YOUWIN Award, and founder of ANWE, empowering women in Northern Nigeria. Hafsat holds degrees from the University of Abuja and Nigerian Law School, with a Dartmouth College certificate. She’s a 2017 Mandela Washington Fellow, HP trainer, African Changemakers Fellow, and active in professional associations.

Chichi Arinze, Founder of AutoGirl
Founder and CEO: Arinze Chinazom Fortune – holds a degree in Law and is a Tony Elumelu Mentee for 2022

Instagram: autogirlng/
Twitter- Autogirlng
LinkedIn – Autogirl 

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