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About the SLAYbassador Program

The SLAYbassador program is designed for devoted SLA followers who want to help spread the SLA vision and dream of a world dominated by Motherland Moguls. A SLAYbassador becomes an SLA voice when SLA can’t be there.

What SLAYbassadors do:

  1. Spread the word: Advertise and publicise SLA through conversation and interaction with our digital media.
  2. Act as a contact point between the SLA Team and our audience Give us feedback and new ideas.
  3. Connect with SLAYbassadors in their area and dominate their city

About the SLAYbassador Intern Role

The SLAYbassador Intern will take care of all things SLAYbassador! We need a team member who loves SLA, wants to share all of SLA’s inspiration and knowledge, grow our community and eventually help us take over the world!

Your job would be to take complete ownership of the SLAYbassador program, this includes marketing the program, managing all new SLAYbassadors, ensuring they are getting what we promised and helping with any problems that may come the SLAYbassador way.

Reporting Structure

The SLAYbassador Intern will report directly to the Head of Community through a check-in and check-out process.


  • Ensuring that the SLAYbassador program runs smoothly and the numbers of SLAYbassadors continue to increase
  • Manage the new SLAYbassadors by onboarding them with their welcome e-mails and ensuring they are mentioned in the weekly SLA newsletter.
  • Ensuring that the SLAYbassadors receive all the benefits to the program promised
  • Continue to think of new and creative ways we can use the SLAYbassadors to help grow the SLA brand
  • Continue to think of new and creative ways we can keep the SLAYbassadors happy and wanting to help us grow the SLA brand
  • Help launch the SLAYbassador meetups in the cities with the largest number of SLAYbassadors
  • Continue to think of ways to we can advertise and promote the SLAYbassador program
  • Be the main point of contact between the partners of the program and SLA
  • Dealing with all issues that arise from the SLAYbassador program (this includes technical issues)


  • Excellent communication skills
  • Excellent interpersonal skills
  • Detail oriented
  • Good knowledge of the use of IT tools (Ms.Office etc.)

There are no location requirements for this role.

Submit your application here:

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Submit the application by Friday, September 22nd 2017. Please note only those successful will be contacted for interviews.



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