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When it comes to landing a job with the government, many people think it is a tall order that can’t be achieved by common citizens.

According to Aziza Said, a communication professional working under the presidency, it is easy to get a job in the public sector, provided one is confident, has a go-getter mentality and experience in a related field.

Here’s a summary of what the young Kenyan lady believes propelled her into getting a job in the public sector and keeping it so far.

Confidence and immeasurable experience

Working in the public sector is like working in any other job. As such, an interested candidate should have the common and necessary qualities such as relevant education and experience in the field. Above all, one needs confidence and a belief in self- qualities that push one to seek opportunities that will help them to grow in that field.

Prior to working with the government, Aziza was a radio program host for two local stations. Here, she had an opportunity to put into practice her acquired skills. She expanded on people skills, a quality that is crucial, especially, while working in a government office.

Excellent communication skills

It is Aziza’s duty to ensure that information from the government reaches the public. Information is important in improving the lives of the citizens.

“I am also keen on informing Kenyans about the country’s performance in the global market,” she adds.

Communication skills are vital when it comes to performing these duties, as well as interacting with the public. This does not apply to communication professionals alone. All public servants should be able to communicate and interact well with colleagues and the general public at large.

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Photo credit: Aziza

Know what the Constitution says about your duties as a public servant

The Constitution stipulates what public servants should and shouldn’t do. It is therefore important for government officers to know what the Constitution says about their field of work.

As a media practitioner, the constitution has separate clauses that inform us how information should be collected, reviewed and shared with the public. Articles 31, 33, 34, and 35 of the Kenyan Constitution give a guideline on how to handle and disseminate information.

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Be on the lookout for opportunities to advance self

The good thing about the government is that there are training opportunities for each and every employee. It is the duty of the particular public servant to identify and attend such training opportunities to increase their knowledge on a specific area.

Public servants are also encouraged to go back to school for higher education. The good thing is when there are promotions; those with more experience and education are considered and rewarded.

Aziza believes she’s grown immensely in the past two years since joining the government. She advises citizens to be on the lookout for job adverts in the Kenya Gazette, local dailies, and relevant websites, as well as keep tabs with those working in such offices, also known as networking.

“Look at the requirements for every posting and avail all the necessary documents, as this is where the initial short-listing process starts,” Aziza advises.

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