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Women Entrepreneurs Making a Difference

In the world of entrepreneurship, where dreams are cultivated, innovations are born, and impact is measured in strides, two remarkable women, Oladunni Kafilah Olaide and Olawunmi Olasoju, have stood out as shining examples of what it means to be a resilient and impactful entrepreneur. Their journey is a testament to the power of determination, skill, and unwavering dedication to making a difference.

Unveiling the Entrepreneurs

Oladunni Kafilah Olaide, the founder of Ilorin Packaging Hub, embarked on her entrepreneurial journey during her university days. Faced with the challenge of limited funds, she took the bold step to establish her business, which specializes in procuring and supplying packaging materials to entrepreneurs in Kwara State. Her journey exemplifies the significance of resilience, consistency, and intuition in the entrepreneurial realm.

Olawunmi Olasoju, the visionary behind Good Deeds Donation HUB Africa, embarked on her path of entrepreneurship with a passion for philanthropy and a deep commitment to impact. With a background in Mechanical Engineering and Global Business, she ventured into the world of donations, professionally handling and redistributing items such as clothing, shoes, and household goods. Her remarkable story underscores the importance of people management, persistence, and life balance in the entrepreneurial landscape.

Essential Skills for Entrepreneurial Success

Both Oladunni and Olawunmi stress the critical role of skills such as people management, persistence, and life balance in achieving entrepreneurial success. They emphasize the significance of managing diverse personalities, persisting in the face of challenges, and maintaining equilibrium in various aspects of life.

Game-Changing Advice

Olawunmi shares her game-changing advice, highlighting the power of targeted online advertisements to reach the right audience. In today’s digital age, leveraging social media platforms such as Instagram can be a game-changer for entrepreneurs. The key is to ensure that your content is not only attractive but also of high quality.

Coping with Stressful Moments

When it comes to handling stressful moments, Oladunni’s approach is simple yet effective – taking a break and offering yourself the needed respite. She emphasizes the importance of setting up structures that allow for business operations to continue smoothly even in your absence. This perspective challenges the notion that an entrepreneur must be constantly available and underscores the significance of maintaining a work-life balance.

Proud Entrepreneurial Achievements

Olawunmi takes immense pride in being nominated for the 25under25 awards by Future Forward Female and SME100 Nigeria. These nominations symbolize the recognition of her impactful work through Good Deeds Donation HUB Africa. Furthermore, she is thrilled about Good Deeds’ growth, reaching 15 states in Nigeria and involving over 400 volunteers.

The She Leads Africa High Growth Coaching Program

Both entrepreneurs attribute their growth and success to the She Leads Africa (SLA) High Growth Coaching Program. Oladunni learned the importance of building a sustainable venture, people management, and the significance of persistence. Olawunmi values the self-development skills, mindsets, and coaching she received from SLA, which helped her build a sustainable and impactful enterprise.


Looking Ahead

As they look ahead to the future, Oladunni and Olawunmi aspire to navigate their businesses more effectively, expand their reach, and make a more profound impact on their communities and beyond.

Their stories serve as a source of inspiration, reminding aspiring entrepreneurs that entrepreneurship is not just a journey; it’s a transformational odyssey filled with challenges, triumphs, and the potential to create lasting change.

As you embark on your entrepreneurial journey, remember the lessons of Oladunni and Olawunmi – resilience, consistency, people management, persistence, and life balance are your allies. Embrace them, and you too can write a story of passion and impact in the world of entrepreneurship.

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Olawunmi Olasoju, Founder of Good Deeds Donation Hub Africa

Olawunmi Olasoju, also known as Ola, is a dynamic individual who wears multiple hats. With a background in Mechanical Engineering and a Master’s in Global Business, she is not only a Business Consultant and Engineer but also a successful entrepreneur. Ola founded Good Deeds Donation Hub Africa, a social donation company in Nigeria, and an African Career Consulting Firm called Linkfric. 


Her inspiration for Good Deeds arose from the absence of a formal system for safe and professional item donations in Nigeria. Under her leadership, Good Deeds has introduced item donation kiosks across Nigeria, expanded its team to over 400 volunteers, and made a positive impact in various communities. Ola’s mission is to inspire others, nurture their strengths, and foster connections on a global scale, bridging her experiences in Nigeria and the United States.

LinkedIn: (50) Olawunmi Olasoju (Ola), CSM | LinkedIn
Business Linked: (50) Good Deeds Africa: Overview | LinkedIn


Oladunni Kafilah Olaid, Founder of Ilorin packaging hub

Oladunni Kafilah Olaide is a dedicated postgraduate student at the University of Ilorin. She is not only a mother of two but also a passionate entrepreneur. Her mission revolves around reshaping the narrative for women who choose to cover up.

Instagram: food and cosmetics packaging (@ilorinpackaginghub) • Instagram photos and videos

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