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Unveiling the Transformative Entrepreneurial Odyssey of Gabriella and Christiana

In the vivid tapestry of entrepreneurial ambition, Gabriella Ehiotoye Julius and Christiana Sorunke shine as beacons of determination and growth.

Their journeys, interwoven with resilience, find resonance in the transformative chapters scripted within the SLA High Growth Program. As we embark on their stories, their remarkable feats redefine female entrepreneurship, showcasing a blend of innovation and perseverance that transcends boundaries and reimagines success in the business landscape.

Unveiling Entrepreneurial Prowess

Gabriella Ehiotoye Julius
Gabriella’s journey as an entrepreneur blossomed from her family’s business background and a deep passion for culinary artistry. Raised in an environment where entrepreneurship was ingrained, her love for cooking alongside her mother fueled the inception of the African Pasta Hub (APH). This innovative venture, born during the pandemic, uniquely infuses African flavors into Italian pasta dishes, symbolizing her fervor for blending cultures through food.

Christiana Sorunke
Christiana embarked on entrepreneurship seeking expansion for her business. Encountering roadblocks in scaling her enterprise, she sought guidance through the SLA High Growth Program (HGCP). Her pursuit of mentorship became a transformative phase in her quest for knowledge, driving her towards achieving greater heights for her company.

Nurturing Essential Entrepreneurial Traits

Gabriella’s Vision
Gabriella underscores the significance of problem-solving, resilience, and adept salesmanship. These qualities empower her to innovate, navigate challenges, and foster robust relationships pivotal to APH’s growth.

Christiana’s Tenacity
Christiana champions a growth mindset, grit, and resilience in her entrepreneurial journey. These traits fortify her against setbacks, enabling her to learn from failures and remain resolute in achieving her business aspirations.

 Wisdom and Coping Strategies

Gabriella’s Insights
Gabriella advocates valuing relationships, seizing opportunities, and embracing flexibility. She encourages sharing uniqueness while staying open to learning and adaptation, integral in the entrepreneurial realm.

Christiana’s Coping Mechanisms
Christiana’s strategy revolves around self-care, emphasizing rest and seeking support during challenging times. Acknowledging the importance of sharing struggles and maintaining distinct business finances, she navigates hurdles with resilience.

Pride in Trailblazing Achievements

Gabriella’s Trail of Success
Gabriella takes pride in her team’s efforts and the joy they bring to customers. Strong relationships fostered through APH have led to serving clients and catering events, paving the way for new connections and opportunities.

Christiana’s Global Milestone
Christiana celebrates securing international clients, symbolizing the global reach of her business. This achievement showcases her company’s growth potential and its ability to transcend boundaries.

The Transformative Journey with HGCP

Gabriella’s HGCP Experience
Gabriella expresses gratitude for the enriching HGCP experience. Despite occasional challenges, the stories and support from fellow entrepreneurs serve as an inspiring force, propelling her forward.

Christiana’s HGCP Transformation
Christiana’s resilience was tested, starting the program after childbirth. Despite hurdles, she values the program’s impact and credits her coach’s unwavering support for her growth.

Envisioning a Bright Entrepreneurial Future

Gabriella’s Vision Forward
Gabriella envisions leveraging HGCP learnings for APH’s growth, foreseeing this phase as pivotal in the company’s transformative journey.

Christiana’s Strategic Outlook
Christiana plans to implement structured strategies and refine her pitch skills gained from the program. She sees these skills as instrumental for her business’s future expansion.

 Inspiring Pathways Forward

Gabriella and Christiana’s intertwined narratives epitomize resilience, learning, and adaptability in entrepreneurship. Their experiences within the SLA High Growth Program illustrate the power of mentorship and perseverance in propelling women-led ventures towards success. As their journeys unfold, their stories stand as guiding lights for aspiring female entrepreneurs, showcasing that with determination, support, and strategic guidance, women can forge thriving entrepreneurial paths in any industry.


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Gabriella Ehiotoye Julius, founder of African Pasta Hub (APH)
Gabriella Ehiotoye Julius, a chef and linguist, is the visionary founder of African Pasta Hub (APH). Prior to APH, she excelled as the Head of Operations at a family clinic, honing her customer success skills. Her entrepreneurial journey is fueled by a profound passion for reshaping the culinary landscape, particularly through pasta. Beyond work, she indulges in reading and immersing herself in K-drama series.

Christiana Sorunke, Founder of Career Builder Consult
Christiana Sorunke, a versatile figure, is celebrated for her dynamic expertise and passion for impact. Known for critical thinking and embracing innovation, she stands out across diverse fields.

Her commitment to learning extends beyond her achievements, guiding her through an ever-evolving world. Engaging actively in philanthropy, she’s recognized for her compassion and social initiatives.

Balancing work with hobbies like outdoor exploration and reading, Christiana prioritizes personal well-being. Her drive for growth ensures a lasting impact wherever she ventures.

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