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Joanna Steele: 2019, my year of return – from London to Equatorial Guinea

I was born in London in the 80s to Jamaican immigrants who arrived in the UK as young children in the 1950s. My mum studied and worked as a nurse for the NHS (UK’s national health service) specializing as a midwife before becoming a health visitor. My dad was a Ph.D. educated engineer, physicist, and […]

Stephanie Uwalaka: Inspired by a love of sewing and protecting the environment

[bctt tweet=”I started up by using some of my own unwanted clothes – Stephanie Uwalaka” username=”SheLeadsAfrica”] Out of style, worn it too long, don’t feel it anymore…. I guess I just need a new one! These are some of the thoughts and reasons we give when we want to get rid of our clothing items. […]