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JOY PHALA: On switching careers and starting afresh

“One gets to a point where you feel as though the work you do is not fulfilling. When one dreads getting out of bed to go to work, you pretty much know something needs to change!” After years of being a Management Consultant with a Bachelor of Commerce degree, Joy Phala left the security of her […]

Mavis Zaina: Slaying From accounting to agriculture

Mavis Zaina is a chartered accountant with over 8 years’ experience in strategic management, accounting and finance. But beyond her accountancy, Mavis is passionate about the agricultural value chain and its potentially high impact reach for poverty alleviation and development. Driven by this passion, Mavis founded Kanjadza Acres. Kanjadza Acres is an agricultural enterprise that […]

Investment Opportunities in Nigeria: The Top 4 sectors

The past year has been one of economic progress for Nigeria, with Africa’s largest economy managing to crawl back into growth territory in the second quarter of 2017. The Nigerian government has realized that they need to make the country as attractive and lucrative as possible for offshore investors to bring their capital, skills and business […]

Nkwah Azinwi Ngum: Our food choices are very important for a healthier life

Nkwah Azinwi Ngum has an MSc in Rural Economics and Agri-Food from the University of Yaoundé II Soa, Cameroon. She is a Cameroon Human Rights Fellow and a Cameroon Women’s Scholarship fellow. She was trained by the Israel’s Agency for International Development Corporation – MASHAV- under a course ‘Agribusiness, a tool for the empowerment of rural women’ […]

Adebimpe Akinbuja: Producing safe chickens for consumption

Adebimpe Akinbuja

[bctt tweet=”I made up my mind to create employment for myself & grow it so that others will have jobs too” via=”no”] To ace our hustles, we need to be alive and in good health otherwise, we won’t be able to make the impact we desire. This is why we need to eat good food, […]

Emefa Quashie: From beauty queen to farmer and social entrepreneur

emefa quashie

[bctt tweet=”Mamagah Farms is an agricultural social project run by beauty queen Emefa Quashie” username=”SheLeadsAfrica”] It’s not every day that you hear the story of a beauty queen owning a farm. But the story gets bewildering when you notice that instead of just employing people to work on the farm (like some “modern” farmers do) […]

Brigite Faustin: The future for women agripreneurs is blossoming

[bctt tweet=”@BrigiteF founder of OBRI is seeing an increase in ambitious agripreneurs across Africa” username=”SheLeadsAfrica”] When Brigite Faustin says the future for women agripreneurs is blossoming, we believe her. The Tanzanian #MotherlandMogul is Founder and Managing Director of OBRI (T) Company. Brigite’s company makes edible oil under the OBRI brand. From raw materials to manufacturing, […]

Gabby Malope: I have a life toolbox for every challenge

gabby malope she leads africa

From regaining the ability to walk after an accident left her in a wheelchair to training subsistence farmers in agriculture, Gabby Malope has a lot of life and business experience under her belt. When she spoke with SLA contributor Makalela, Gabby spared no details on how she found her way to becoming a facilitator, her […]