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Can Your Business Survive Without You? Here’s How To Be Sure

If we were sitting down for coffee and I ask what you believe to be the most important factor for success in business, what would you say? If you’re like most people, you might respond that it’s something along the lines of perseverance, determination or talent. What if I told you that while these things […]

Why Your Business Ideas Aren’t Working

By ensuring that your goals are S.M.A.R.T, you set yourself up to experience the thrill of an achievement that will become a motivation for future successes. Did you know that you can give 110% effort and fail miserably, even with a good business idea? I’ve seen it more times than I can count. An eager […]

Unlocking Success: The Advice Every Entrepreneur Must Hear

Ten years ago, if someone told me I would become a law school dropout who owns two successful businesses, I may have laughed in their face. The only thing that may have sounded more ridiculous would have been to add that both ventures will put me in position to help hundreds of entrepreneurs start and […]

Entrepreneurs…Take care of your mental health: Here’s why

I remember the first time I met him at a friend’s house. He was incredibly smart, charismatic and passionate—all the things I believed it took to own a successful business. As the night when on, I realized my original assumption was correct. I pulled out my phone and did a quick search of the guy […]

Three Things To Tell Your 20 Year Old Self Before Hitting The Dredged 30

I turned 30 recently, and truth be told, it’s all been very anticlimactic. I don’t actually feel different, but there is a constant awareness that I am older and I should feel different. A big part of this is because I spent my 29th birthday having a pity party in anticipation of turning 30.   […]

Effective Goal-Setting: Keeping Your new year Resolutions All Year Round

Each year in January, entrepreneurs, and moguls around the world make new year resolutions to help them reach their business goals. Common resolutions include personal and professional goals like starting a business, building financial capacity, and even improving health and wellness. As an entrepreneur, your first responsibility is to plan ahead. Not just for your personal […]

Andrena Sawyer: Flexibility is key to increasing your business lifespan

andrena sawyer

Start-ups sometimes need miracles to survive. Luckily there are superheroes who rise up to the challenge. Take Andrena Sawyer for example, she runs P.E.R.K. consulting an advisory firm that provides quality and affordable services for small to mid-sized nonprofits and businesses. Andrena is so effective at ensuring SMEs survive that in 2015, P.E.R.K. consulting, placed […]