The Aspire story: Showcasing the beauty of mentorship and power women in Sierra Leone

Africa has a growing population of girls who need constant support in terms of guidance and counseling. They need to be handed on the blueprint for leadership, confidence and self -esteem mostly through role modeling.

Our societies need to share our stories of our successes and failures so that our girls would be challenged to lead better lives. We are looking at changing the narrative to create a scene were girls will seek to accomplish their goals and aspire to be like the leading women in Africa, this can only be achieved through mentorship.

The Aspire story showcases the beauty of mentorship and inspires women around the world to work together. Click To Tweet

In 2016/2017 a powerful collaboration between Power Women 232 and Girls Empowerment Sierra Leone was established.

Power Women 232 is a network for women professionals in Sierra Leone. The network aims to bring professional women and entrepreneurs together to promote career advancement and development in all fields, through networking, leadership development, social events and community service 

On the other hand Girls Empowerment Sierra Leone nurtures and enhances the leadership skills of young girls to become effective advocates and social change agents in their communities.

In August 2016, they launched ‘ASPIRE’ to mentor secondary school girls from various schools in Freetown.

The program was in the form of large group workshops, small group mentorship and experiential field trips focusing on 3 C’s – Communication, Community Development, and Career Exploration.

The aim was to directly impact the lives of 30 young Sierra Leonean girls by providing them with the skills, resources, and networks to become leaders and change agents in their communities.

All 14 Power Women mentors were assigned to 3-4 girls each; they were matched by specialized questionnaires in hope to create best-fit relationships; each power woman played a big sister role spanning a yearlong of camaraderie.

Field trips to tourist monuments, spending the day at office and centers that were their career of choice. Trips to the bank, the airport, hairdressing saloon and early learning centers.

The girls had an opportunity to catch a glimpse of their real-life sheroes in their most vulnerable states behind closed doors, in the comfort of their homes and the rigidity of their corner offices.

The women shared their daily life struggles such as multi-tasking, fighting to succeed in male-dominated careers, handling a full day’s job when on their period. The discussions ranged from discussing boys, dancing, cooking, to books and music.

Most importantly the program allowed them the chance to learn new skills, ranging from topics such as:

  • Utilizing journaling and writing as a means of telling our stories
  • Utilizing resources to effect and change our future
  • Budgeting & Fundraising
  • Savings and investing for our future
  • Conflict Resolution and effective communication  
  • Building and maintaining peer positive relationships

The focus on teambuilding, communication, and self-esteem helped develop positive behavior within the group of girls that were mentored. Mentor mentee relationships encouraged some of the girls to aspire to remain dedicated to their academics as well as seek further mentor relationships due to some of the strong relationships that were cultivated.

The partnership between Power Women232 and GESSL is a reminder of how powerful women are when they work together. This relationship has garnered more interest in girls and Power Women 232 has taken on education, health and empowerment for young girls as their community service project for 2017/2018.

The project was launched with a donation of 200 power hygiene packs and hygiene information booklets to adolescent girls at The Beheshti Islamic Secondary School in Freetown.

Their aim is to provide 500 more packs to young girls across Sierra Leone and introduce sustainable hygiene practices.

The group did their first fundraiser hosted by Ms. Anita Erskine on  Saturday 18th November 2017 during their 2nd Annual Networth Ball an event that attracted the movers and shakers in Sierra Leone’s business environment with a  good media coverage which includes been featured on Bella Naija.

One cannot deny that the Aspire story showcases the beauty of mentorship and inspire women around the world to work together.


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Top 5 quotable moments from our Twitter chat with Anita Erskine

anita erskine

On January 18th, we were lucky enough to spend our afternoon on Twitter discussing career breakthroughs and opportunities with Anita Erskine. If you didn’t catch our chat, you can get a full recap here.

Anita Erskine is a woman of many talents. She is the host of three popular shows on DSTV, an oral narrator, producer and entrepreneur. Anita is also the founder of ReVerbGH, a strategic communications firm targeted at aiding small organizations and entrepreneurs fresh on the scene.

In addition, she lends her support to social issues through her organization BrandWoman Africa, which promotes the advancement of African women through television.

Here are the top 5 quotable moments from our chat with @TheAnitaErskine:

5. On the pressures facing African women in the media industry today

4. On the uphill battle faced by professional Ghanaian women

3. On encouraging healthy collaboration between men and women

2. On the importance of mentorship

1. On turning dreams into reality

A huge thank you to all our #MotherlandMoguls who chimed in and to Anita Erskine for sharing her wisdom with us!

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Twitter Chat with Anita Erskine: Finding career breakthroughs and opportunities (Jan 18)


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Anita Erksine

If 2016 is the year that you want a career breakthrough, then join us on Monday January 18 for a honest and candid twitter chat with Anita Erskine, celebrated radio and television host as well as founder of Brand Woman Africa.

We’ll be discussing with Anita these critical topics:

  • Where does she see young Ghanaian women struggling in the workforce?
  • What was her career breakthrough moment?
  • How did she find mentors to help build her career?
  • How has she created a family life that works with her busy career?
  • What advice would she give to young women who don’t feel confident in achieving their dreams?

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About Anita Erskine

The bi-lingual Anita Erskine hosts “Making Of A Mogul”,”Cooking With….” and  “Pamper Your Mum” – three popular shows on the DSTV platform, championing the “Best Of Africa” brand. The Multi -Talented presenter, producer, oral narrator and entrepreneur balances hosting live events for Multi nationals such as Vlisco, Ecobank Transnational Incorporated and Globacom, whilst taking the world of TV by storm. Anita had her first encounter with television at Metro TV in 1997.  The very next year, she decided to take a long break to travel and study from 1998 till 2006. Upon her return to Ghana in 2006, Anita knew it was time to truly begin her career in Television!  She returned to the screens in 2007 through MNET Africa’s Studio 53 and plunged into the deep end of this burgeoning industry in Africa. Anita loves the challenge of being involved in TV formats that educate, inform, entertain and ultimately change peoples’ perceptions of social norms in Africa!  “Hosting Mogul, Cooking With and Pamper your Mum have deepened my desire to use my passions, talents and skills to help increase the promise of Africa – one word at a time!”

Brand Woman Africa

Anita Erskine designed BrandWoman Africa to be an organization that projects the advancement of women across all African societies and in the Diaspora through Television. With her innate desire to showcase the vision, determination and drive that almost every African Woman is celebrated for, BWA develops TV formats and platforms which explore the Lifestyle, Fashion, Social Advancement and Political Ambitions  of the Modern African Woman. BWA boasts about who this new African Woman is – simply a Brand to herself. Her Beauty emanating from her inner strength, which then translates into her outer elegance. BWA works in partnership and association with like – minded Female Creative and Corporate individuals from around the Continent of Africa and across the Globe.