Top 5 quotable moments from our Twitter chat with Anita Erskine

anita erskine

On January 18th, we were lucky enough to spend our afternoon on Twitter discussing career breakthroughs and opportunities with Anita Erskine. If you didn’t catch our chat, you can get a full recap here.

Anita Erskine is a woman of many talents. She is the host of three popular shows on DSTV, an oral narrator, producer and entrepreneur. Anita is also the founder of ReVerbGH, a strategic communications firm targeted at aiding small organizations and entrepreneurs fresh on the scene.

In addition, she lends her support to social issues through her organization BrandWoman Africa, which promotes the advancement of African women through television.

Here are the top 5 quotable moments from our chat with @TheAnitaErskine:

5. On the pressures facing African women in the media industry today

4. On the uphill battle faced by professional Ghanaian women

3. On encouraging healthy collaboration between men and women

2. On the importance of mentorship

1. On turning dreams into reality

A huge thank you to all our #MotherlandMoguls who chimed in and to Anita Erskine for sharing her wisdom with us!

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