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19 Businesses (And Side Hustles) to Start During the COVID-19 Quarantine.

Want some business ideas to make some money or extra income during the COVID-19 quarantine? How has the COVID-19 pandemic affected you? Across the world, normal life as we know it is changing. In mild cases, some of us have had to adjust how we work, and in extreme cases, some of us find ourselves […]

This woman-led startup bets it can help African businesses grow faster

As Sub-saharan Africa lags behind in the World Bank’s 2020 ease of doing business report, one woman-led startup thinks it can help entrepreneurs grow their companies in this tough environment. After years of mentoring startups and running businesses in Ghana and Nigeria, Munachim Chukwuma started IB Consulting in February 2019 to help founders overcome operating […]

Divorce, a must for every entrepreneur

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[bctt tweet=”Divorcing your business from your personal life is a must for every entrepreneur” username=”SheLeadsAfrica”] A business is often registered and largely seen as a separate legal entity from the owner; however, this divorce does not really take effect between these two lovers as both can’t just resist the temptation of mingling together. This is […]

Webinar with Ehime Akindele: Expanding your business and sustaining growth (Apr 22)

As an entrepreneur, having the funding and knowledge you need to get your business rolling is one thing, surviving the fierce competition and unpredictable economy is another. But as a true #MotherlandMogul, when the going gets good, you know it’s time to expand. Now what’s your game plan? Relax, we gon’ show you the way. […]

Case study: How your business can stand out from the competition

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[bctt tweet=”Competition is a “necessary evil” of doing business, here’s how to make yours stand out” username=”SheLeadsAfrica”] If you’re in business, competition is something you can’t do without. In other words, competition is a “necessary evil” of doing business. It does not, however, mean that competition in your business area is a bad thing. On […]

The struggle is real: Keeping it together in the growing phase of business

[bctt tweet=”Take a deep breath and find at least one thing in your business to be grateful for” username=”SheLeadsAfrica”] It has been said a million times already, starting a business is not easy. Worse still is the tendency of the initial thrill to fade away in the face of early-day challenges. Most times, your entire […]

”Stake almost everything”: Go for growth with Bunmi Lawson #SheHive Lagos

bunmi lawson go for growth shehive lagos

With a beautiful combination of effortless grace and muted seriousness, Bunmi Lawson, the CEO of Accion Microfinance Bank spoke to the #MotherlandMoguls at SheHive Lagos. Her advice on growing a business was practical and actionable —it felt more like talking to a very logical, knowledgeable and completely objective friend. The secrets for growth When we […]

Come what may…business must go on

Intel Nairobi event

To all intents and purposes, many economies on the continent have seen a slowdown. Businesses are being tested for resilience, they are being pushed to the edge, and the strength and acumen of their value chains are being tested. But come what may, businesses must go on. They may not thrive as they when the economy was […]