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It has been said a million times already, starting a business is not easy. Worse still is the tendency of the initial thrill to fade away in the face of early-day challenges.

Most times, your entire life is focused on your business and you have no time for something else. The early days are hard, so here are some tips to tide you through the them.

1. Remember why you started


A daily reminder will do and if not everyday, often. Every successful Motherland Mogul has stories to tell about early days. Each person’s experience is different from the next but one thing is common. The struggle to keep up during the first few months and the importance of keeping their eyes on the goal.

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When you wake up in the morning, the slight (or heavy) trepidation and anxiety should be replaced with curiosity and excitement. Wake up with, “I am doing it! This is my dream!” rather than “Here we go again”. Be enthusiastic, think “I’ve got work to do! Time to pray and SLAy”.


When you think back on all the planning, the first eureka moment, the excitement when you were laying down the plans, you realize that this is it. You are right where you want or need to be (or maybe not, but you are on the right track).

2. Seeds will grow if well planted

Once you’ve set a solid foundation, all you have to do is wait.

Waiting is harrrd, yes. But just as feeling of fulfilment washes over you when you eat freshly cooked corn harvested from your garden with your hands (gardening or farming folks will get this), so it feels when all the patience and hard work starts to pay off.

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You literally eat the fruit of your labour but you have to go through the waiting period first. You have to wait for the seeds to first sprout, then grow and become ready to produce fruits.

That is a very long but worthwhile wait. So here is a virtual truckload of patience because it is highly needed at this stage.

3. Water and nuture

I know, enough with the fruit analogies but, that is the closest situation to what you are going through. While you are waiting for your business to grow —which should be the natural course of things, you have to prune it, pamper it, water it, sometimes cajole it and nurture it to grow.

I totally just gave your business a personality. Yes it has one. If it doesn’t, it should and I will call it ‘she’. And like a woman, you have to pay attention daily to the details of your business. While you watch it grow, a business mani-pedi is always needed.

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You will constantly have to make changes, remove old things that no longer deliver, stick with tried and trusted routines. Wait, that is basic skin care! Well. As I said SHE needs the attention.

You have to keep your hands on the pulse of the business and watch your down-line. Don’t worry we are getting there.

4. Faith


Belief in your dream, in the big picture, in your self and in God is the seasoning in the dish.

Remembering why you got into this business, pulling yourself up each morning, working late into the night, skipping lunch and having more microwaved dinners than is healthy for you…all these are peppered by faith in what you are doing.

When I have a dream and I somehow get stuck, my first thoughts are full of doubt. I question the idea, the goal, the direction. But God doesn’t let me fool myself for long. The idea is reinforced and I snap out and push.

That is what faith in your dream will do for you. Especially when no one seems to get your idea or you don’t have the support you need. You need to hold on strongly to your dream and to your God. You are going to need it for what I call the, “Oh what am I doing? Am I sure this is it?” days.

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5. Count your blessings

If you don’t who will? I mean, I know you are not there yet, but girl you did it! You started. And as Rona Wigs said the first step is to start! You have give yourself a pat on the back.

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Try hard (really hard) not to dwell on what isn’t. Dwell on what is, plan for what isn’t and most times, take a chill pill. Make only healthy comparisons only if you have to.

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Be your number 1 fan and blow your trumpet when needed. Girl I am proud of you, you have made it this far and you are going to go higher.

So, each day, especially on the days you want to rip into something, take a deep breath and find at least one thing in your business to be grateful for.

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