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Carol Nyazika: Ndanaka is not just a beauty brand, it’s a lifestyle brand

We last spoke to Carol Nyazika 10 months ago, when she was still in the process of launching Ndanaka. Ndanaka is an au-natural lifestyle brand with products predominantly from Zimbabwe and other African countries. It brings together a variety of beauty elements and infuses them into one. Hence their tag line, A Fusion of Beauty. Revisiting our […]

Carol Nyazika: It doesn’t matter if others don’t believe in your dreams

Moving back home was a strategic decision for Carol Nyazika, founder of African Women Awards (AWA) and the founder of Ndanaka. SLA contributor Glenda Makumbe met up with 27-year-old Carol Nyazika just a day before she travelled to South Africa. Carol has been based in the UK for the past 10 years but just recently […]