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Dr Kel: The Healthertainer

dr kel

[bctt tweet=”I can proudly say that the word ‘healthertainer’ is from me – Dr. Kel @Healthertainer ” username=”SheLeadsAfrica”] If you do not know Dr. Kel on social media, I really wonder where you have been. She is the vibrant young lady who provides medical information in a fun and catchy way on Instagram, Twitter and […]

Dr. Ettamba Agborndip: Anyone can excel in the sciences regardless of their gender

Ettamba Agborndip she leads africa

It is widely believed that science is an all “male affair”. In fact, a walk through the science departments of most colleges or universities in Cameroon could convince you that girls don’t exist. This is because girls are stereotypically considered weak in sciences. But in recent times, many young girls are challenging the myth about […]